2 thoughts on “Please write a chat group introduction for me”

  1. 1. We don't know how far forever, but we know; always in our youth vow! Application comrades, please explain the occupation

    . The group members have the right to join the voluntary joining. The administrator has the obligation to kick people at will, such as the administrator soaring, drawing wind or itching.

    3. Proposity of loving the group, ashamed to withdraw from the group; ashamed to obey the group owner, ashamed of the departure of the group; Shame; you are proud of hardships, shame secretly diving; shame with each other, pride and depreciation of each other; shame with all the time on the line; Based on public chat, ashamed of private chat;

    4. You must not scold people in the group to have personal attacks such as personal attacks, which can be solved privately. If you are beaten, please call or ask for help from the administrator, but the administrator is not responsible for your head for you.

    5. Fundamentally changed "A few days, I will support the wall and promote" not afraid of sour hand. "

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