Application of headhunters, when the interviewer asked why when he wanted to be a headhunting?

5 thoughts on “Application of headhunters, when the interviewer asked why when he wanted to be a headhunting?”

  1. It is best to say that you have a good idea for talent recruitment, and you can know more about your emotional intelligence and intelligence. If you want to know more talented people, I will recruit headhunters because you can learn about this industry. Outstanding talents from all walks of life.

  2. First, the headhunter industry has high income. This is the most common and most direct reason. To be honest, it is the best, and you must go out to work. Especially ordinary family backgrounds or difficult families.
    Secondly, the headhunting industry can deal with high -end candidates and enrich their experience. This is the most interesting part of the occupation of the headhunter. I always think that the most unique part of the occupation of the headhunter is that it can give you the opportunity to talk to those successful people in the workplace, even if you are just a newly -entered Xiaobai, even the other party It is a boss with an annual salary of millions. Because you are a headhunter, you have the opportunity to talk to them equally. Even in the process of communication, the other party will listen to your thoughts and suggestions. This is difficult for other occupations to do. And in the process of communicating with different successful people in the workplace, your experience has increased, and you have grown up. This is the best characteristic of the headhunter;
    third, the headhunter industry will always walk in The industry is cutting -edge, and the industry development information is mastered for the first time. No matter what the company wants to do, there must be someone who can do this, then this company will definitely need to recruit, and then it needs to be hunting. It is precisely because of the forward -looking job of recruiting this work. On the other hand, if you want to be a leader in the headhunting industry, then you should also pay attention to collecting market information and always follow the rhythm of the development of the industry. The future will change the entire society in the future. This is the time when the value of a headhunter is maximized;

  3. If it was me, the interviewer asked me why I wanted to be a headhunter, and I would tell him, because I like to discover the potential of those people, discover their specialties, and dig them. So I think the headhunter industry is very suitable for me. I should answer this way.

  4. If you go to the intern of the headhunter, and then when she asked why to do this industry, first of all, you have to answer him. What advantages do you have in this regard?
    . For example, you know many people, and then you know more about some markets, and then you can dig the talent

  5. "The workplace is a dark forest. Each company is a hunter with guns. It sneaks in the forest like a ghost, gently pulls away the branches of the blocking road, and strives to make a little sound from the footsteps. Be careful, because there are hunters who sneaky like it everywhere in the forest. If it finds other companies, there is only one thing that can be done: digging people. "Tell the other party above Excellent hunter.

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