2 thoughts on “How about elevator maintenance workers”

  1. There are more and more high -rise buildings, and the job of maintaining elevators will inevitably be depressed. More and more people engaged in this industry will be increasing. Employment pressures become greater and competition is more intense. The elevator maintenance this industry is a single work every day, and the state of work at any time is at any time, and the income is not ideal. This is the current status quo. The daily work of elevator maintenance is mostly elevator equipment maintenance, daily inspection, elevator failure treatment, etc. The work is relatively hard.
    Telee is a transportation equipment that transports pedestrians or goods vertically. The elevator serves the prescribed floor building. The vertical lift elevator has a car and runs between at least two rigid rails with a rigid rail of at least two rows of vertical or tilted angle less than 15 °. And high -speed elevator.

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