How do women choose the right underwear? What are the disadvantages of underwear not fitting well?

How do women choose the right underwear? Every woman wants to have proud breasts, underwear can protect a woman's breasts, so the choice of underwear is extremely valuable. It allows you to have an avatar sex doll. How do women choose the right underwear?

Underwear determines a woman's taste, and although invisible to others, it should not be underestimated. Choosing the size of your bra can create the perfect curves, and choosing the color can give you an air of mystery. ​A good style is not only pleasant, but also has better breasts and figures.

How do women choose the right underwear?

1. ​First, measure the size of your bust. The size of a woman's chest varies from time to time. It is best to measure your underwear every time you buy it so that you can choose according to your personal characteristics.

2. It's best to buy at a special counter or specialty store. After professional training, the buyer can guide you to try on the underwear in detail and effectively.

3. Pay attention to the texture and breathability of your underwear. It's best to choose pure cotton underwear. While thick bras can make breasts fuller, their tightness can interfere with normal breathing of the skin on the chest because they are difficult to wash. During the cleaning process, the residual detergent will not only make the areola dark and dark for a lengthy time, but also cause a range of diseases. If you truly need to thicken, you can choose from a variety of liners, but you will have to remove them when cleaning.

4. The width should be moderate. The size of your bra is closely related to your figure, whether it's too tight or too loose. Underwear that is overly loose is like not wearing it. Not only is it bad for your body, but it doesn't protect your breasts; ​underwear that is overly tight can leave marks on the body. If you wear this for a prolonged period of time, the muscles outside your underwear will slowly drop because of the tension, forming the dreaded fatty. Choosing a bra with the right width will not only protect your breasts, but also keep your body lumpy and proud.

5. Experienced designers will create underwear with different functions for different figures. For example, bras include full, oblique, half, or lined, unlined, etc. Some linings will use steel wire and differentiate between different lengths and widths. Depending on your actual situation, choosing underwear that suits your figure is the best underwear choice. You can try it when you're shopping for underwear. Ordinary underwear shops can try on underwear.

It's essential to choose the right underwear for you. What are the disadvantages of underwear not fitting properly?

1, the cup is too narrow, muscle overflow: if the cup is too tiny, it is dangerous, because it will compress the chest, lead to poor lymphatic circulation, easy to lead to breast diseases. In addition, the cup is overly small and can also make the muscle overflow, resulting inside milk, not only affect the health, but also affect the beauty.

2. Too large a cup will deform your breasts: Too large a cup will not have a great impact on your health, but it will not help you shape the curves of your breasts. General women in the choice of bra, it is recommended to choose a bra larger than their own two, menstrual period can be worn. If it is very large, it is easy for the chest to sag and deform.

3. Shoulder straps are overly tight and compress the breasts: Not only can they cause shoulder discomfort, they can also cause the bra to move upward. For this reason, mainstream bras have steel brackets at the bottom. As a result, if the bra moves upward, the tough steel brace will press on the breast tissue. If a girl moves her bra up while exercising, she must adjust her underwear in time.

The choice of underwear is extremely valuable, and every woman should learn to choose the right underwear for her.

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