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  1. Basic procedures participating in futures transactions

    . Account opening

    The read and understand the "Futures Transaction Risk Manual", the risk of futures transactions must be considered. Signed the "Futures Brokerage Contract" and the "Registration Form for Futures Market Investors" to establish a brokerage relationship between customers and futures brokerage companies. The futures brokerage company is a transaction code for customers to apply for customers (similar to shareholders' code in stock transactions) and unified distribution of customer funds accounts.

    The two most important points in the "Futures Broker Contract" is to clarify the designated person in the transaction, and the seal and gold method of the gold when the gold is issued. Remote customers can handle it online.

    . Investment, gold

    Customer funds can only be transferred between the bank settlement account designated by the customer and its futures account; Self -service processing through the silver transfer system online.

    . Trading method

    The domestic futures transaction entrustment method is: written entrustment to place orders, self -service terminal entrustment placing orders, online self -service entrustment placing orders, telephone entrustment to place orders.

    The bidding method of futures transactions in my country is the bidding method of computer -matching transactions, which is consistent with stocks and follows the principle of priority and time priority. The principle of priority.

    . Settlement

    Pets after daily transactions, the futures company conducts liabilities without liability for customer futures accounts, that is, the transaction margin, profit and loss, handling fees, in -depth transactions, handling fees, and in -in -law are based on the transaction results of the day. Calculation and allocation of gold, cutting funds and other related funds can be queried by computer accounts and funds through computer accounts.

    The "forced liquidation" of the futures is determined according to the daily account conditions. When the customer's rights and interests in the account are less than the deposit required for the position in the account (that is, the account is negative), the futures company will be the futures company. Customers are required to make up the difference within the prescribed time, otherwise, the futures company has the right to part or all the positions in the liquidation bill.

    . The bill is confirmed

    The customer objection to the matters recorded in the trading account of the day (remote customers can inquire through online inquiries), and the futures should be opened to the futures before the next trading day. The brokerage company proposes a written objection; if the customer has no objection to the transaction account record, it is deemed to be automatically confirmed to the transaction settlement.

    6. Sale

    Is when customers do not need to retain their capital accounts, confirm with all transactions and funds in their capital accounts, and no funds and positions in the capital account and holding positions. , Fill in the "Application Form" to apply for sales. Remote customers can handle them in different places.

    The basic conditions for participating in futures transactions

    1. Any natural and legal person allowed by national laws and regulations.

    2. With the ability and psychological preparation of risk.

    The futures market is a high -risk and high return market. Before the expected high returns, you should consider whether you have the ability to withstand the risk tolerance. Don't borrow money for futures.

    3. Select legal and regular futures companies. First of all, legal futures companies should execute the "Industrial and Commercial Business License" issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the "Futures Brokerage Business License" issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission; secondly, the company's operation specifications, good credit is also an important factor that should be considered.

    4. This is for investors who do not want to trade.

    The so -called "intermediary" is to help investors collect relevant information and provide people who provide buying and selling suggestions. They use commissions and other ways as remuneration.

    The relationship between investors and intermediaries is privately agreed. Therefore, choosing an intermediary should fully consider whether its moral level, professional ability and trading style are suitable for you. On the other hand, you should also let the room understand your risk preferences and tolerance, so that the intermediary can reach the best working state.

    It in the futures market, most of the transaction volume is done by the intermediary. Judging from the actual situation we know, there are indeed some very good professional intermediaries that create huge profits for investors.

    The daily necessities of futures transactions

    . The market system and transaction software

    The current futures transactions have been completed through the Internet. After completing the account opening, the futures agency will inform the customer market software and trading system software download URL, and provide the corresponding account number and the initial password of the transaction. After installing the software downloaded on the computer, the customer can see the actual market online and consult their account transactions and funds.

    The popular viewing software currently popular for futures include: Shihua Finance Software, Wenhua Finance Software, Far Yuan Software, Pengbo Software, etc.

    . The collection of daily related information

    Thef futures transactions are based on spot transactions. There is a very close connection between futures prices and spot prices.

    In in the real market, futures prices are not only affected by the supply and demand status of goods, but also affected by many other non -pursuit factors. These non -supply factors include: financial and monetary factors, political factors, policy factors, speculative factors, psychological expectations, etc. This information can be found on the websites of major futures companies and futures professional websites.

    . The variety of foreign futures worthy of attention

    With the globalization of the world economy, the price fluctuations of commodities around the world are closely correlated.

    It's variety of domestic commodity futures, which has different degrees of linkage with the international market. The varieties of foreign futures worthy of attention include: copper and aluminum of Metal Exchange (LME) in London, UK; copper at the American Commodity Exchange (COMEX); soybeans, soybean meal, wheat, corn in Chicago Futures Exchange (CBOT) in the United States; Noodles and fuel oils of the New York Business Exchange (Nymex); Cotton Exchange (Nyce); Cotton in the New York Business Exchange (Nymex); fuel oil from Singapore International Financial Exchange (Simex).

    It the latest data of these data in the market -based market viewing software formulated by the company.

    The special points of futures market indicators

    The technical analysis and judgment method of futures market is roughly the same as stocks, but there are several special places to attract securities investors' attention. After being proposed here, everyone should appropriately correct the original view of these technical parameters based on the specific situation of the futures.

    . Transaction volume

    The trading volume of futures is the total coexistence of buying and selling the transaction volume on the day, which is calculated in two -way. However, there may be open or liquidation in buying or selling. This is different from stocks. Therefore The amount of transaction volume is more information.

    . The volume of positions

    The positions of futures refer to the total coefficient of buying and sellers that have not been flattened, which is calculated in two -way. In other words, half of the positioning data we see is buying and holding positions, generally selling positions. This is also very different from stocks, and the change in positions is also an indicator that has a greater impact on the market.

    . r

    It is generally more frequent than the stock market price fluctuations. When studying and judging, especially when doing T 0, it is recommended to refer to more time timing. Figure, for example, 5 minutes K -line diagram. Of course, it is also necessary to determine according to personal trading habits.

    Due to the characteristics of different varieties of futures, it is impossible to make a unified conclusion on these three points. You need to find your different views in practice according to your own situation. of. According to the situation we actually observed, there are indeed some traders have their own understanding of these issues, and have achieved amazing records.

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