If the virtual product transaction is successful, what should I do if I want a refund to get Taobao directly?

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  1. Virtual product transactions have been successful. First confirm whether the order has applied for refund/after -sales, if it has not yet applied, you can apply for refund/after -sales.
    1. If the refund has been applied, the seller fails to deal with it within the prescribed time, and the system will default to the refund by default;
    2, if the refund has been applied, but the seller does not agree with the refund, they can modify the refund agreement or require Taobao intervention processing coordinated processing;
    3, if the goods have been returned to the seller, but the seller has not refunded it, you can first contact the merchant to urge the merchant, or pay attention to the automatic refund of the system; After 15 days of success, the page cannot be applied for sale, and the seller can be contacted to negotiate.
    Extension information:
    The cannot buy virtual items. There are the following reasons:
    1. The account of the real -name authentication is under 18 years of age;
    2. The purchase of the order is prohibited due to the risk of the system judgment.
    The order status of virtual commodities has been shipped by the seller. The system will automatically confirm the receipt after 1 day of delivery; the system will automatically confirm after 3 days of virtual items.
    Reference information Source: Taobao Service Center-The seller refuses to refund, what should I do?

    The reference materials Source: Taobao Service Center-I can't buy virtual items, what should I do?

  2. Rules-Dispute treatment of virtual items (buyer version)
    Stocks, referring to products sent through numbers or characters without postage, no real property. If you are controversial due to problems without receiving products or products, you should submit a refund application within the time limit of the time limit for the timeout of the Taobao system prompts after the payment is received. Those who submitted a refund application beyond the prescribed time limit will not accept Taobao.
    . The processing principles of virtual items
    The transaction of virtual items for refund processing, you do not need to return. If there is a unreasonable danger that is endangered by virtual items and causes your losses, it will be negotiated by the buyer and seller to negotiate or solve it through other channels. Taobao will not be dealt with. If virtual items are forbidden -limited -saving products, please check the dispute between the ban on sale restrictions.
    [Delivery time]
    If the seller does not ship for you within the appointment time, Taobao supports the refund processing; if the seller will ship it at the appointment time, Taobao will pay the money payment payment Give the seller. When the seller has not shipped the goods, if you apply for a refund because you have not received the goods, the seller needs to refund it in time or ask for your will to be shipped; if you have not obtained your consent For delivery, the transaction payment supports the refund for you.
    1. The seller needs to be shipped according to the number agreed in the order. If the number of virtual items delivered to you in the order is insufficient, Taobao will be refunded or returned in part of the actual delivery ratio. Refund processing.
    2. If the number of sellers ships more than the agreed quantity, the seller needs to contact you by itself, and Taobao will not handle it.
    [Delivery method]
    The virtual items traded by "automatic delivery", if you apply for refund before clicking "View Card Mi" in the Taobao system, Taobao supports the refund to you; You have checked Card Mi. Due to your own reasons, you want to refund the application.
    1. The seller needs to recharge according to the recharge account you give, or the recharge account you fill in the order in the order is recharged. If the seller recharge to the account of others by itself, Taobao supports the refund to you; if you fill in the wrong recharge account for your own reasons, or listen to others and fill in the account of others, the relevant risks need to be borne by yourself. Essence
    2. If the virtual item that the seller is delivered to you cannot reach the agreed use period, Taobao will be refunded according to the actual period of use.
    3. If the virtual item that the seller is delivered to you cannot achieve the agreed purpose, Taobao supports the refund processing.
    . The proof of virtual items
    The buyers and sellers shall provide the inquiry records of the relevant website in accordance with the requirements of Taobao or the written certification of the relevant unit.
    1. If you have not received or received less virtual items, and there are relevant vouchers (such as the official website recharge payment details with the official website that has not received the bill, etc.), the seller has no valid voucher confirmed that it has been shipped or all issued. For goods, Taobao has the right to directly determine according to the relevant vouchers you provided.
    2. If both the buyers and sellers cannot provide valid vouchers to prove whether the current state of the goods is available or where (such as the game account, the buyer and the seller cannot prove the current state of the account) The proportion is judged by Taobao based on the specific situation.
    3. If you indicate that the product is described in an inconsistent description or quality problem, and you can make a judgment by the naked eye, Taobao has the right to directly determine it according to the product picture.

  3. Seeing that you should be the seller, you can just refuse the refund after the virtual commodity transaction is successful. If you exceed a certain time, you can take the initiative to allow the second to be involved. The official recharge voucher, as long as the buyer's order information is recharged to the account, no matter how small the second head is, the buyer will lose, because there are indeed many people who buy things on the Internet for long eyes, and many product names are written clearly. It is clear that Chu can make mistakes, and many people know that it is their own mistakes and responsibilities and have always applied for refund. Such people really have no way to apply for a small second intervention.

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