3 Singing pronunciation tips to help you learn to sing easily

Singing pronunciation tips 1

The position of the voice should be back, can deliberately extend the neck back, try. It IS EASIER TO PRACTICE YOUR VOICE FIRST, SUCH AS "CLIMB UP half the MOON", and SING it step BY step. After your throat opens, it will be easier to sing the high notes. Or sing a few simple songs first, open your voice, and then sprint to the high note contraction stomach, try to use the stomach hard, hard, so that you can sing the high note easily, and not easily tired. The most important way to sing is to use Dantian, not to shout with the throat, only with Dantian singing is the best way to protect the throat. ​The professional teacher said: singing, using interest, do not use capital. Slowly experience, slow training, there will be earth-shaking changes.

First find the falsetto position, and then put out the real voice. Your voice will be very mellow, beautiful, and high notes.

Singing soprano needs to have a breath support, this support power from the waist muscle, the simplest way is to search for constipation stressful feeling, in addition to sing requires certain sound position, can try to use first hum way to practice, popular speak be, first you sing this song, and then use singing singing high feeling with the power of the waist, don't be worry, To boldly shout high notes, it is good to shout more.

The Jingqiang accent "Dantian qi" also refers to this kind of vocal position.

The first is the fulcrum: when singing as if the vocal cords are not long in the throat, and long in the chest, sing every word do not leave the fulcrum, the mouth relaxes to sing, so the attention to there a think, suddenly the voice is balanced. This approach solves several problems:

If singing a high voice box is easy to lift, you think the chest will not want to larynx, a low fulcrum, larynx will naturally relax, lower, after the larynx down, the throat will open naturally.

And the vocal cords are all long in the chest, the breath can not exceed the vocal cords. Of course, it must be under the chest, the breath will go down, stable, this is basically to find the right way to sound.

The second antithesis is the metaphor of "under the throat". The way to change words under the larynx, that is to say, the larynx is easy to be high when singing high notes, then change in the place of one inch or two inches under the larynx, or "stick to the shoulder and change in the neck." When you sing this way, the throat is easiest to open, and the voice is easier to vertical, easier to get into the head, easier to find the focus of the high note.

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Don't shout at the top of your voice, use Dantian gas, how to sing with data?

1, close my eyes to meditate a point (or goods), imagine that point, in your head, then you begin to speak, to [wu "is the most easy to reach that point, with [a]," silting] can also, when you imagine that point, the voice of the voice let you encounter that point, you will be more easy to use abdomen or nasal resonance. At this time you can use the auxiliary position, extend the index finger to the point, will help practice.

2, another method is to use your index finger and middle finger to finger, then put two or three fingers under the navel position demonstrated. (here is), force a [drink! Voice, when you are demonstrated with voice, will feel belly to harden the fingers, is not the feeling of soft to lie prone to lie prone. Then you will practice demonstrated by voice.

3. Also, there is a simple way to test whether or not you are using abdominal breathing. It's when you breathe. If you breathe through your chest, your shoulders go up and down. If you breathe from the belly, you will feel your stomach rise and fall, not your chest or shoulders.

Singing pronunciation tips three

Request according to the word meaning rich imagination, have artistic conception, have picture, the tone has the performance, the sound has the musical feeling, has the emotion to sing. Strive to achieve the word quasi-cavity round, with emotion with sound, sound and emotion, slowly to sing songs. The most important thing is to use the breath. For example, when practicing voice, "ah", take a deep breath first, and then you can imagine there is a flower in front of you. It is very fragile, exhale big will damage it, so be very careful, slowly breath out of the sound to feel the breath to go down.

Before you are unable to sing high notes, do not practice high notes. Always sing a set of notes that you are most satisfied with. Choose the songs carefully and do not sing songs that do not suit you.

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