The difference between opera aria and art song

Although arias and art songs are performed by Bel canto, there are differences in the use of singing techniques between them, so this article hopes to love Bel Canto friends can also be helpful, welcome to support and supplement.

First, an aria is a solo song from an opera, and an art song is a song with lyrics from a poem.

Aria in the opera with other mostly chorus, recitative, such as melody is different, more beautiful, strong GeChangXing rather than talk sex strong, often appear when a lot of drama in turn, as the change of the story, the hero, and then began to express inner feelings of a fragment alone can become a song. Aria singing is very important to the sense of substitution of the character.

Art songs originated in Germany and Austria in the 19th century. The romantic trend of thought in Europe in the 19th century came into being under the background of great social turmoil in Europe. It combined various essences of literature and achieved the perfect combination of music and poetry. In Germany, the composition of songs by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolff, and other composers is called Lied; ​in France, a similar song is called Melodie; ​it spread to China and we translated it as an "art song". The original meaning of the song is that it is a subtle art that makes people understand the dramatic content of lyrics in a way that is different from opera. It formed a musical genre equal to opera.

Second, from the way of accompaniment, opera aria is the way of orchestra cooperation, art songs are completed by piano accompaniment.

Third, from the venue, opera is generally performed in the opera house, and art songs are mostly held in a small concert hall.

92674f23acbc5ec71b3ff45f64135e03Opera it big band and spectacular stage performances, need through the volume of the big, dramatic sound effects to make the audience can reach more than two thousand people, up to 7 layers stand opera house full filled, so require performers to have enough volume and skills to make the top row of the audience, even the most weak sound can also listen to clear.

Art songs are generally accompanied by piano, which has the nature of chamber music and pays attention to the change of timbre and the control of volume. The piano plays a pivotal role in this. In order to achieve the harmony of the singer and the piano accompaniment, the singer is required to control the volume so as not to cause imbalance between the effects.

Four, from the singing skills, ah, this can not be generalized in a word.

Opera is complete with the structure of the drama script form, with strong dramatic conflicts, more requirements actors can enough dramatic tension can be made, to harness the characters in the situation, the actor to play the role of according to oneself to grasp the character of the psychological and emotional changes, the use of voice to absolute obedience to the needs of the plot. For example, we usually see a weak PP (the weakest vocal part is usually the weakest PPP) and a strong FF (the strongest vocal part is usually the strongest FFF) on the spectrum.

As art songs mostly use poetry as lyrics, to show the quiet, delicate and romantic style and emotion of these songs, we must use soft voice, half voice and the singing technique of intensifying and weakening on the high song to enrich the expression of the voice, and the singing often needs different timbre. On the musical surface, the composer usually only allows the intensity to change between P and F. Due to the meaning of the lyrics, it is impossible to have strong "PPP" or "FFF" in the song. Therefore, the singing of art songs needs diverse sound colors, clear pronunciation and meticulous intonation.

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