There are different kinds of high notes! Do you know these eight categories?

What's a high pitch? - Just turn up the voice and sing it; ​all you have to do is yell. That's probably most people's answer. But did you know there are different kinds of high notes?

​Can can imagine, Wang Feng's high pitch and Zhou Shen high pitch the same? One is manic, the other is lyrical wind, completely different in time, so we can infer from the surface that there are categories of treble ~ so what are the categories of treble?

If we take a closer look, we'll see that each of the high notes plays a different role in the singing. In fact, many singers have their own good way to perform high notes ~

Sound head high

The tone of the first voice is transparent and bright, and Zhou Shen, as we all know, his voice is ethereal and sweet. Gao Xiaosong once said: "It is between a child's voice and a woman's voice, a choir of one." Zhou deep song, every time listening to a whole body is washed feeling, fairy sound he, lingering.

And Wang Feng's voice is sonorous and powerful, bringing us an instant burst of power. As a rock singer himself, his music style is also hot and burst, just like his song "Fireworks", a slightly hoarse voice seems to be blooming fireworks itself.

153dc5d30c388d04936a4cedea59e565The whistle high

The whistle call is the dolphin call, and we all know that the dolphin call starts on a very high scale, very high. Zhang Liangying is known as the "dolphin sound princess". Her song "The world is unique" sounded to bring us into the little dragon female love and hate entanglements. Melody hazy beautiful illusion, pure acme.

Sound really high

​The true voice, as its name suggests, is the original voice, singing with its own true voice. Luo Qi's penetrating, metallic and expansive voice has earned her the title of "China's top female rock voice".

Contrary to the real voice, we naturally think of falsetto. Faye Wong is famous for her falsetto singing. When we listen to her songs, we are often deeply bound by the melody.

After a brief understanding of the singers being good at high notes, have you broken the single and brief view of "high notes"? Treble AS A singing science can be profound ~ ALTHOUGH only two words, but covers the above many treble categories, and each category also plays a different role in singing ~

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