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What is an area?

Aria, also known as lyric tone, generally speaking, is an important segment in large-scale vocal music works such as opera or oratorio. It is rich in singing, and its role is equivalent to the "monologue" in the play, which is often used to express the inner feelings of the roles in the play and depict the characters' characteristics. Not only that, it also gives the actors some freedom to perform their difficult singing skills. As arias are often large and well structured, they can be performed individually, so the arias of the protagonists in many famous operas are universally acclaimed.

Are all arias solo?

Not necessarily, although opera arses are the main characters in the party, there are still many classic arses that are a duet and even singing form, such as his "opera", beauty of the flower duet, verdi opera La Traviata, drinking songs and verdi, etc of the anvil chorus of "the bard".

What are some famous arias?

Do you know what love is?​

From Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro

"Do You Know, What is Love?" is an aria sung by the young Kerubino when he is called to the countess's room. At this time, he is in the beginning of love, fantasizing about the countess's love, but he is a little afraid, which is vividly and delicately expressed in the song.

ef09b43adff4041e4efa90b80f5d99552 A vengeance flame burns in the heart

From the Magic Flute by Mozart

"The Flame of Vengeance Burns in the Heart" is an aria sung by the Queen of the Night, who orders Pamina to kill Sarastro even under the threat of severing the relationship between mother and daughter. This is an emotional, full of hatred, extremely difficult coloratura soprano canto. The music is unusual in its magnificence and strength, is the embodiment of the coloratura soprano voice skills and high level of expression, is regarded as this part of the opera repertoire among the most difficult.

3 No one sleeps tonight

From Puccini's opera Turandot

Nessun dorma is the most famous opera "trend" in a period of aria. When prince tar husband asked the princess to guess its identity, otherwise, the princess betrothed to perform his contract, so there is a ballad, kara may melt the cold turandot heart with love, make this aria full of enthusiasm and warmth.

4 Oh, my dear father

From Puccini's opera "Gianni Skicki"

This is one of the most famous arias from the opera Gianni Skicki. The daughter Lauretta begs her father to marry her lover or she will jump into a river and kill herself. The melody is beautiful and smooth, and the song is full of longing, which fully shows the mood of Lauretta's pleading.

5 drinking songs

From Verdi's La Traviata

Drinking songs is verdi the aria of the opera "La Traviata" the first act, Alfredo in eu's Ken auletta glasses and with song love for eu auletta, Eu auletta toast when clever response to his profession, and then two people mari pour out affection for each other, the chorus of the guests make the party atmosphere more lively, joy.

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