How to solve the problem of high pitch?

First, look in the mirror and see if you are in a state of AROUSAL!! When singing high notes, the facial expression is very important. We must remember to lift the laughing muscles more, so as to better find the singing position of high notes (that is, high position, head cavity resonance).

Second, the way you smell when you hit high notes

Second, the common problem is: the voice!! If you hit a high note, you either go up or you don't. Here I TELL YOU a VERY precious METHOD!!

When singing high notes, you must be calm. Think about the relaxed state of the low and middle notes. Remember not to sing high notes with brute force. The bass sings, the treble sings.

Tuck your chin in, don't lift it.​

Exclusive SECRET!! Sing the high notes like a parabola, like a parabola to send the sound out, send the high notes out. The highest point of the parabola is our high pitch. (High between the eyes)

Exclusive SECRET!! High-pitched elastic rainbow hoop, I'm sure you've all played. Look at Picture one, the original rainbow circle, which is our static state. See picture 2 Rainbow circle is opened, we sing the high note must be opened singing, forming an opposition, so as not to raise the voice.

eaa6523480bd570cd6ce06c662e346dfFinally, the true falsetto transition. A lot of times you don't have a high pitch, so falsetto can't come out. Because high notes have to have falsetto. So how do you practice falsetto?

Sometimes, under the professional practice of your breath, position, chest cavity and so on with the cooperation, you will naturally practice falsetto out.

So, for amateurs, I want to tell you here, don't be obsessed with distinguishing between real and falsetto, because they all blend together. It's just a matter of using them more often than not. Of course, I still want to teach you how to practice falsetto:

"Hi, how are you?" .

Turn it down to get the falsetto feel. (Remember: untrained vocal cords are not suitable for excessive falsetto practice. It is recommended to practice gradually from bass songs)

The above treble practice method remember to practice moderately. Learning is a gradual process, so is vocal music! Don't be in a hurry.

Finally, I wish you all a good high note.

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