Who are the Three basses of China?

At present in the singing world, there may be some more famous tenors than any other singer. After all, a lot of songs are accomplished by tenor deduction, but it is undeniable that bass in a lot of songs also plays an irreplaceable role, had a net friend give China bass, so China’s three big bass is who?

6000784043b66b021a38ae4c57eea342It is understood that there are very few bass singers in China, and well-known singers are even more scarce. Some netizens even analyze that there are no particularly famous bass singers in China. Speaking of the first bass in China, many netizens believe that it belongs to Si Yigui. After all, he is the only bass singer in China who ranks among the world’s bass singers. This honor also establishes his position as the leading bass singer in China.

Yang Xusheng can be said to be the second bass singer. As a professor of the Central Conservatory of Music, he is impeccable in his profession, and he is more widely known in folk than Si Yigui, so he can be called the second bass singer besides Si Yigui. If you want to say the third, it is not easy to row. A lot of people like Wen Kezheng, Tian Haojiang, Li Xiaoliang and others are very excellent bass singers. Everyone has their own unique singing style. In people’s hearts they are also relatively excellent, so you can not tell up and down.

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