2 thoughts on “What is the principle of magnets?”

  1. The magnetic absorption of the magnet is determined by the characteristics of the magnet. If the atomic current is explained, the magnetic field generated by the current is magnetized. Formed, atoms are composed of atomic nucleus and electronics. Inside the atom, the electrons are constantly rotating and rotating around the atom nuclear. Both movements of electrons will produce magneticity. However, in most substances, the direction of the electronic movement is different and chaotic, and the magnetic effects offset each other. Therefore, most substances do not show magneticity under normal circumstances.

    The ferromagnetic substances such as iron, cobalt, nickel, or iron oxygen are different. The internal electron spin can be spontaneously arranged in a small area to form a spontaneous magnetized area. The spontaneous magnetization area is called magnetic. After the magnetization of ferromagnetic substances, the internal magnetism is neatly neatly arranged and the direction is arranged consistently, which enhances magneticity and constitutes magnetic. The iron absorption process of the magnet is the magnetization process of the iron block. The magnetized iron block and the different polarity of the magnets are attractive, and the iron block is firmly "sticky" with the magnet. We say that magnets are magnetic.

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