How to make a simple magnet toy with magnets?

(Fifth grade science) tools for elementary school are better, (it is best to get at home again) is to make a simple magnet toy with magnets

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  1. Essential materials: two sections of dry batteries, a few strong magnetic magnets, and a fine copper wire.
    1. The magnetic suspension train uses the principle of rejection of magnets and polarization. This technology can make the train suspended and only friction with the air. The copper line is tightly wrapped around the battery one after another, and it is a first coil after the winding. This is the "train track". A group of magnets sucked together, which requires two groups and one group of battery positive poles. As shown in the figure below:
    4, finally put the battery into the coil, and the battery with a magnet will pass through the inside of the copper coil. This is a simple version of the "magnetic suspension train". As shown in the figure below:
    5, if it is not stimulated, you can wrap the coil longer, and then connect the two ends to form a closed loop, and the battery can run in the closed coil until the battery is consumed until the battery is consumed. Essence As shown in the figure below:

  2. Primary school students explore the magnets of magnets. My experiment (also a mini -game) is definitely suitable for you!
    Playing this game to ensure that you are praised by the teacher.
    game name: Fun fishing
    This fishing is a very interesting thing. First make a fishing rod and some fish, and then use it to demonstrate how the magnet attracts some objects. If you make two fishing rods, you can play with friends to see who fishing.
    1. Draw the shape of the fish on the paper, and then cut it with scissors.
    2. Put the pins on each fish.
    3, gently put the fish into the pot, it doesn't matter if the fish sinks.
    4. Turn one end of the thin rope on the magnet.
    5, tie the other end of the thin rope to the wooden stick, and stick it with tape to avoid slipping the rope on the stick, so that the magnetic fishing rod is ready.
    6, holding the fishing rod to the edge of the water basin, slowly put it on the water, and the magnet caught the fish. The iron -made needle is sucked on the magnet. The magnet can also enter the water, so you can also catch fish sinking to the bottom of the pot.

  3. The easiest fishing rod is used to make a small magnet fish pond with a small magnet fish pond with a box circle, a fish can be made in a plastic bottle cap, you can put a little iron in a plastic bottle cap

  4. Suspension balls!
    two small magnets, one is fixed at the top of the bracket, and the other is installed in the pen head. Adjusting the height of the bracket can be suspended by the pen. Position the pen,

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