Li Yitong Crescent Eyes are so charming. I ca n’t wake up with a casual suit enough. How eye -catching is handsome and fashionable?

5 thoughts on “Li Yitong Crescent Eyes are so charming. I ca n’t wake up with a casual suit enough. How eye -catching is handsome and fashionable?”

  1. The suit is already bad in the fashion industry, but it is also a very classic type. If you want to create a more fashionable effect, you can imitate the highly anticipated girls when choosing a foundation. Li Yitong chose a simple T -shirt. This kind of T -shirt. The clothes are very conservative and lose the coolness. The round neckline with black simple letters on the chest can bring a little refreshment, but this design cannot reflect the charm of sexy and mature girls. She wore a beige dark grid outside. Due to the unique fabric, the suit will increase the sense of luxury.
    can also reflect the sense of layering through the design without buckle and high waist. Li Yitong chose four or six chaotic medium long hair, exuding lazy femininity and natural will. This design can reflect stacking stacks. And wear effect. Although it can cause a relatively sultry feeling, if the color is matched correctly, it will also reduce this feeling of sweltering. The texture, but this design will lack design charm because the color is too monotonous.

    So she matched the stripes with fresh colors. The outside is white. The loose jacket has no exaggerated collar. The black edge adds contours at the edge of the clothes. It reflects high quality. Even if Li Yitong does not laugh, the moon -shaped small eyes and slightly upturned mouth will bring out a sweet feeling, bringing more smiley effects. The temperament can also reflect the mature charm. If the shoulder -free strap design is used, this simple sense will be destroyed. This kind of loose sleeves with a loose sleeves show a very sweet effect.

    The shirt skirt chosen by Li Yitong is not pure pink, but the main color of pink. The white line is added to the top to form vertical stripes, exposing freshness and short hair. When going out, you will choose to turn the sexy long hair into a round head. If you design the ball head on the top of the head, you can improve the sense of aging and make up for the body's defects. If the ball head is reduced, it can increase the grace and classic charm. Li Yitong Select a suit and vest internally, and selecting a shawl -type top outside can maintain a sense of layering and increase the design effect. This kind of clothes are too individual. She chose a dark gray jeans with canvas shoes in her lower body, which is elegant and revealed, but also has the classic charm of female heroes. Li Yitong chose the clothing, including no lapel and short -sleeved suit jacket.

    It can express simplicity through a very simple design, and it can also show the girl's super soft side. This kind of clothes can be freely selected internally, and because the jacket is fresh, it can always reflect a refreshing feeling. The position was raised, but it looked very loose and did not show the perfect waist circumference. The slender upper body design, paired with wide -legged straight pants and light white shoes, looks shorter. If you like loose belts, you can make your upper body shorter. The sweltering effect of the shirt skirt is very strong, and the shirt skirt is also a must -have for sexy girls. It can expose slender legs through a skirt, or to reflect the charm and temptation through the disappearance style of the undershirt. Show the shape of the legs, but from the upper body is a very traditional design. Neutral white T -shirts and thicker fabric shirts will bring the texture of wearing boyfriend clothes. There is a small hand on the arm, and there is a pale yellow on the head. The flowers add female charm.

  2. This lazy style will look very temperament and cool, and her figure and face value are also very high. I can control a lot of styles. I like her very much.

  3. It is very eye -catching, and this dress is also very fashionable, and her makeup is also very delicate. The face value is quite high, especially with temperament.

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