5 thoughts on “Li Yitong releases gentleness.”

  1. Most of the time, the style of the sweater will be relatively simple, so if you want to wear a unique effect, you need to spend more time on some details. Only by grasping the accessories correctly can the girl's shape intention. Li Yitong is a round face and watery eyes. It needs black transparent lens sunglasses to show her cleverness. Round sunglasses also have a good effect in reducing age, so that she can become female students in one second, especially in particular, especially It is a fisherman hat on her head, she is like a campus goddess holding a fist.

    Ito's hat to modify the face is not easy. You only need to choose a fisherman hat with a wide edge and three -dimensional body. Add animals in front of the original classic checkered pattern. The printing pattern is used as decoration, and natural breathing is more concentrated. Pure nude makeup shows the cleanliness of the skin, so it can give people a stronger affinity. From the point of view, we can see that Li Yitong is a girl's preference for pink. When knitted sweaters are white, it gives people a fresh and simple impression. However, the color and pattern are slightly monotonous. The maid's pattern can play a good decorative role, but the peach red powder used is really eye -catching. The bright colors can attract the attention in one second.

    The little daisy is always a symbol of pure. This khaki sweater will not give people a bright color visual effect, but as decorative daisy embroidery, it can play a very delicate role The combination of soft yellow and white is a symbol of reducing age. Princess Li Yitong woven her beauty. As a multi -functional product, even if the neckline is slightly exposed, the shirt can easily create a sense of layering. Li Yitong's small round face looks petite, but her figure is actually tall and slim. She is qualified to wear long cardigan sweaters. Unlike the hood, it has a gentle manner, which will be better, especially when we encounter warm colors like caramel, it creates super affinity for us. Whether it is T -shirt or jeans, it can be called For multi -functional products, in terms of simple shapes, Martin boots can easily create texture.

    In most cases when the sweater is not rich and bright, the style often tends to be mediocre. Choose orange, color is the focus of modeling. The reason why pleated skirts are welcomed by the public mainly because they have a reduction in age, but unlike short pleated skirts, long pleated skirts are more intellectual on the basis of gentleness. The intensity plus leather bag is an exclusive choice for professional women. Each girl hopes that she can always maintain the appearance of the girl. The same is true of Li Yitong, and her experience in reducing age also shows to us that pretending to be delicate is not an easy task. If it comes to the most academic style, it must be a sweater. Its leisure and vitality can easily shape the young image for girls.

    The sweater must be the most suitable item for leisure time. The loose upper body can bring us an unrestrained experience. Its vitality can perfectly show a person's positive attitude towards life. This Not only is the color colorful, but even the cartoon pattern shows her innocence. On the one hand, in private, she will not only use thick soles of shoes to achieve invisible high -level effects, but the legs of the pants will also look particularly lively. Wearing this sweater suit Li Yitong can tell us really soft and cute. The sweater was originally based on leisure. If pink can be added, the overall sweetness will be stronger. The thick plush fabric creates a comfortable experience for her. Style of outdoor activities.

  2. The effect is very good. Her match looks like he is particularly petite, cute, and has a great age reduction effect. It is very suitable for girls to wear.

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