1 thought on “Huang Xiaoming uses 200 million yuan, how much does it cost to ordinary people?”

  1. Century Wedding Extreme Dream

    on the evening of October 8th, Huang Xiaoming gave a fairy tale fantasy wedding in the Shanghai Exhibition Hall, which coversed more than 90,000 square meters. This wedding is unprecedented due to luxurious layout and huge star lineup. However, the entire wedding scene was actually full of commercial atmosphere.
    First of all, wedding candy is the endorsed brand chocolate. On the day of the wedding, the brand also launched a wave of spikes on the website. Secondly, on the eve of the wedding at the end of September, a diamond ring was posed on the Internet. The day before the diamond ring that was nicknamed "pigeon egg" by netizens, the jewelry brand had uploaded the same diamond ring on the website. Caused the guess of diamond ring for brand sponsorship.
    In addition, the flower layout of the wedding scene makes countless girls envy, but it is different from ordinary people to spend money to get such a dreamy effect. The flowers of this wedding are also sponsored by the brand.
    If said that "holding people is not soft" is a purpose of this wedding, then "fat water does not flow outsiders field" is definitely another purpose of this wedding. For example, a high -end restaurant that contracted the entire wedding banquet. In fact, one of the bosses behind is Huang Xiaoming himself. At the same time, at the "Century Wedding", which is said to be 200 million yuan, a video live software called "Second Shooting" shined, and many people use the second -time software to live the wedding scene. As everyone knows, Huang Xiaoming himself is the investor of this software.
    The calculation, except for hundreds of thousands of venues in the entire wedding, the leader's pocket, the big head of the wedding -wedding banquet and wedding will not spend too much money for Huang Xiaoming. On the contrary, the attention and live broadcast of countless people, Huang Xiaoming's own brand has received a free publicity, eliminating a lot of advertising fees.
    In coming in, then counted on the scene that it is said that the a full four safe gifts were said.

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