On the difference between vocal performance and "singing"

"Isn't vocal music just singing? When most people hear the word "vocal music", this idea always springs up in the back of their mind. And will think that this has what good professional study, is not to learn to sing along with the score on the line? In fact, in my more than 20 years of learning and teaching vocal performance, if you want to learn vocal performance well, you have to devote yourself to practicing a lot of professional basic skills.

In my known experience, learning the basic skills of vocal performance needs to master = basic training of lines + dancing + physical strength.

The basic skills of vocal language are the most basic coordination of pronunciation, pronunciation and breath in the training of lines. When VOCAL MUSIC SINGS THE PRONUNCIATION REQUEST DIFFICULTY IS THE HIGHEST, BECAUSE VOCAL MUSIC SINGS THE PRONUNCIATION MOUTH REQUEST CAN OPEN TO THE MAXIMUM DEGREE, THE BIGGER THE opening, THE more DIFFICULT THE PRONUNCIATION, THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THESE TWO IS OPPOSITE. Pronunciation: with the mouth opening to the maximum degree, the interior of the mouth must also be opened to the maximum degree, with our throat back pharyngeal wall to bite sound, but also need a very solid basic skills to exercise the muscles near the back pharyngeal wall, can achieve the ideal pronunciation effect. Breath COORDINATION: ON THE BASIS OF PRONUNCIATION AND PRONUNCIATION, THE THROAT MUSCLES SHOULD BE TRAINED SYNCHRONously TO CONTROL THE BREATH entry AND exit, so as to cooperate and coordinate WITH EACH other to achieve the best state of vocal language.

The basic skill of vocal music expression is the body control of dance, emotional body expression and the image and aura on the stage. The expression of vocal music can not only rely on voice and expression, but also need the coordination of body movements. The basic training and expression of dance, first of all, let the singer have a very good body movements and control ability, that is, posture and aura. Then, by learning the coordination of dance body language and music melody, the best expression effect of a song can be presented completely at last.

The BASIC skills OF vocal music breath and strength support and control rely on physical training, lung capacity training and core strength training of waist and abdominal muscles, etc. The breath and strength of vocal music singing is to rely on the muscles of each part of the body to support and cooperate with each other. The most important part is the control and strength support of the muscles of the waist, abdomen and diaphragm. This part determines how high the song can be played and how long the delay lasts, which determines the effect of the work. Physical ability determines the state and the duration of the performance when the singer performs. It is very, very important to have a good physical foundation, even when teaching and practicing.

As the saying goes, "One minute on stage, ten years of work." There are not only ten years of hard study in the cold window of cultural studies, but also four seasons of hard training of professional skills in all seasons, which need ten years of hone like a day, in order to achieve the "plum blossom fragrance from the cold" such pleasant fragrance works.

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