There are five ways to hit a high note. You can hit any one of them

In fact, learning to sing high notes is very easy, there are five ways, you can master any one of them

The first method is to learn to relax. Only when we relax can we sing the high notes. If the muscles next to the vocal cords are tight, the high notes will be stuck

The second method is to yawn, this is too much to say, while singing to keep yawning state can be, this takes a lot of practice to form a habit.

The third way is to have resonance, which means the voice has to have a method and a focus, to be focused, to be focused on the mask. Too far, too close. Everyone has their own voice focus, focus is concentrated, the voice will become louder and louder; The sound broke up without focus. Ask for loud voice, not a day to put out a shelf, start with a small song point, and then spread out, more and more singing. This method of sounding, the sound is small, as if there is a mirror behind the lamp, can make the light farther. The head, sinuses and other places are empty resonance cavity, to try to use.

The fourth method is to sing with startled expression, which is to sing with startled expression. When we sing high notes with startled expression, because this expression can make our vocal tract completely open, we can make a big sound with a little exertion on our stomach. This also needs to be practiced to find the feeling

The last method is the most commonly used method is many singers singing with a smile, raise the risorius we track will be opened at the same time, singing soprano Is easy, when we sing the high natural will be a little higher than usual, if to the vertex, we can also use squats squeeze pressure, pitch and meeting a lot of, This method is very practical

The above methods are very suitable for civilian singers to practice

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