Why should the axle of trailer be subjected to fatigue test?

What is the fatigue test for? Why do you need to carry out a fatigue test on the trailer axle? Today, let's walk into the production workshop of Semi Trailer Manufacturers and have a close look at the working condition of the fatigue test bed.

​Numerous owners in the choice of axle want to understand the basic situation of the product from all aspects, such as strength, toughness, bearing force, service life and so on. However, these data are usually simply a number or adjective appearance, numerous owners feel extra bored, after reading, listening to no impression. Fatigue tests, by contrast, are more intuitive and transparent, showing the axle's performance more thoroughly.

Fatigue TESTING IS GENERALLY USED TO TEST THE STRESS limit of an AXLE, that IS, the maximum stress THAT CAN BE EXPERIENCED WITHOUT DAMAGE after an infinite number of stress cycles, which can also be called the durability limit.

11e8411ae9c2c7e65a1335d2d2eac085After the axle is installed on the trailer, it will continuously bear the variable load of the vehicle. If the axle quality is not excellent, after a period of time, it is easy to form a tiny crack in the local extreme stress area, and then the tiny crack gradually expands, eventually leading to fracture, affecting driving safety.

Axle fatigue test bench is a complete simulation of axle operating conditions, such as the full load of the vehicle, or the owner's use habits, axle subjected to various stress forces, through this repetitive load conditions to determine whether the axle strength, durability, toughness, etc., can meet the requirements of relevant standards.

For conventional axle, under normal circumstances, the number of fatigue tests is set to millions of times, which needs to last about 72 hours. If it is a special vehicle such as a special transport vehicle, the test data will be adjusted according to the operating conditions.

After the completion of the fatigue test, the axle will enter the magnetic particle inspection workshop to detect whether there are dark lines, cracks and other defects in the axle body. After meeting the requirements of the indicators, the strength, toughness and durability are considered qualified.

The qualified axle only has the preliminary factory qualification, and the subsequent quality inspection process such as salt spray test is required to further test the corrosion resistance and additional performance of the axle. Only the axle with sufficiently qualified performance can be successfully delivered to the factory, so as to ensure that fatigue failure does not occur during the service period. Such a bridge, the owner of the natural more worry, more assured.

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