2 thoughts on “What are the special gifts for Fuzhou?”

  1. It depends on where the gifts you call refer to.
    If it is a food -like food, it is: fish balls, olives, and meat swallows.
    If it is an item, it is recommended to be the three treasures of Fuzhou: Fuzhou Sanbao. It is a traditional craft technology such as "renovation lacquerware, paper umbrella, and corner comb", which is also called special art.
    Personally recommended corner comb. In Fuzhou's handicrafts, it is now available everywhere on the streets and lanes, and the only corner comb is still maintaining a civilian. It is expensive, around 20 yuan, so that the daily life of the Fuzhou people has another enjoyment. I do n’t know if it ’s a good requirements for life, or the promotion strategy of the merchant. Itching does not pain, warm and not hair, and accelerate the blood circulation of the scalp, which can enhance immunity, clear blood and cool blood, analgesic and itching, prevent static electricity, do not lose hair, eliminate dandruff, relieve blood, and relieve blood, relieve your energy and health The brain, promoting the unique health effects such as hair growth.
    On unusual comb, Fuzhou people carefully carved it, creating dozens of varieties, half a moon -shaped Beijing comb, one end of the teeth between teeth, and one end of teeth. The narrow combing of the one -end teeth, the perm comb with the handle, the Cantonese, Western -style, hero and juvenile -style, etc., there are many names. There is also a set of combs. The shape of animals such as tigers, or in the form of musical instruments such as Guqin and Pipa, it is integrated, exquisitely painted, and realistic. Some people even use it as indoor folds for viewing. Foreigners from other provinces come to buy.

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