5 thoughts on “What should I do if the diamond ring is too small?”

  1. You can take a sales invoice to find a brand company for repair!
    Because jewelery is a huge industry, it is an industry that integrates after -sales service and connected to the network. Your diamond ring and related purchase vouchers, go to the brand's after -sales service consultation point in the area, you can help you adjust it!
    will you have the brand jewelry you buy, do not go to private jewelry Adjust the maintenance point, because those places may change your things, maybe it may be!

  2. Can be changed. It is recommended to add some gold. Generally, jewelry stores have free after -sales maintenance. If you pay for it yourself, it is not expensive. It is better to bring big ones. Because the small one will affect the blood circulation of your fingers, it is not conducive to your health, and it will be uncomfortable. After the change, let Master help you check whether the diamond is loose, if loosening and reinforcement.

  3. This situation is best to adjust to the jewelry shop. For small ring rings, it will be achieved through local heating to extend the platinum ring. For large ring rings, it can only be implemented by cutting after cutting. However, there is a problem. There is a certain risk of a ring with a ruming ring, which may be damaged to the diamond. Therefore, the diamond ring should be treated according to the inlay of the diamond. It is recommended to take the store to consult.

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