1 thought on “Deyang recycled gold jewelry?”

  1. Gold, as the head of hardware, was used by humans very early. We all know that gold has the title of "King of Metals". This is because of the scarcity of gold, rare things, and all cherished by humans. Gold's unparalleled prominent position has been respected by humans to this day. This is unable to replace other metals.
    naturally, gold has become a symbol of wealth and honor. Human beings also use gold as financial reserves, currency, jewelry, etc. The application of gold in these fields is still the main position.
    With the progress of the society and the times, the economic status and application of gold are also changing. It is more widely used in industrial and high -tech fields. There are three major categories of gold, which are described as follows:
    1, international reserves. The excellent characteristics of gold have been used as currencies in history. With the development of the times, gold's currency functions no longer circulate.
    2, jewelry decoration. Gold jewelry represents social status and is a symbol of wealth. Modern humans use exquisite craftsmanship to make gold into different styles and wear them on their bodies.
    3, application in industry and science and technology. Gold's conductivity and thermal conductivity are good, and strong corrosion resistance, which is completely not available in other metals. The gold figures in the modern emerging technology industry are everywhere, and have been widely used, bringing many convenience and emerging things to humans.

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