How can you tell if it's a guy's first time

For people in love, most boys care about whether the girl is first-time or not, and numerous girls care about whether the boy is first-time or not. Girls are easy to judge the first time, like the hymen, or the first time it's tight. ​Then how do you tell if it's a guy's first time? What does a guy have to tell you about his first time? Let a cute sex doll tell you.

How can you tell if it's a guy's first time?

1. Look at techniques in bed

How do you know if a boy is first-time? The easiest way to find out is to look at his technique in bed. The first boy will blush, be shy, and be overwhelmed. If you stare at him, he will avoid your eyes, his hands and feet are stupid. Although most boys have seen color videos, they still don't know what to do in practice. They will also be nervous and may not find a place to go in, so the boy has no experience the first time.

2. Sprint fast

Men are generally quick the first time because they have never experienced it before. They may be done in a minute or two or even a few seconds, but you don't have to worry. It may simply be that they are nervous for the first time. Besides, they haven't experienced it yet. Ruling out medical reasons, this might be the first time. He has a mini real doll.

3. Look at the color

If you are a boy who has been through it a lot, the color below will be a tiny bit, because the rub will have melanin, therefore a boy with more experience will be darker than a normal boy. The more times, the darker, if the boy's color is extremely different from his skin tone, then it may not be the first time.

4. Look at the straightforward​

If the boy does not have this experience, the bottom is normally extremely straight. If more times, some will bend like the top or like the bottom, you can observe the boyfriend's bottom is straight, if there is a lot of bending, then it may not be the first time.

5. Foreplay

A boy who hasn't experienced this kind of thing must not know how to do foreplay, or be unfamiliar with foreplay. Although they've seen the video or imagined it, the actual operation may come straight to you, but experienced guys will certainly kiss you and tease you a little bit. If your boyfriend does nothing, he'll simply hit you, and of course, no matter how you judge it, it's best to just ask. The most essential thing for a couple is to be honest with each other. Compared with these methods, direct questioning is also the simplest and most effective method.

What does a guy have to tell you about his first time?

1, a man who loves you will care about each other, the first time for you. After a relationship, it will be better for you than mentioning pants and not knowing people.

2, the boy gives you the first time, not only shows love for you, but also the purity of their feelings, attaches great importance to the importance of sex for feelings.

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