1 thought on “2022 Jianqiao College promoted the inquiry time of the free written test score”

  1. May 13th
    The candidate can log in at 9:00 am on May 13: Shanghai Jianqiao College Admissions Network-Admissions System, enter the “Admissions Promotion” page to enter the admission ticket number, ID number, and candidate name query exams score.
    . The score review
    . If the candidate has any objections to the results, it can apply for the results of the results of the applied performance of the admissions office of our school on Friday, May 14th from 10: 00-14: 00, and will not be accepted within the time limit.
    The test review only has missed reviews, the score is wrong, the score is not re -rated, and the test papers are not allowed. Objective questions do not belong to the scope of review acceptance.
    . Admission criteria
    A admission standards and admission lists will be announced on May 17 at our school’s admissions network.
    Shanghai jian qiao is located in Pudong New District, Shanghai. The Ministry of Industry and Academy Cooperation Project, Shanghai University “Three Education” comprehensive reform demonstration schools, the first batch of pilot units of independent enrollment reform in Shanghai, the first batch of school -enterprise cooperation training high -skilled talents pilot units, Shanghai civic college counseling counseling Membership training base, the first batch of Shanghai university entrepreneurial guidance stations, Shanghai educational informatization application benchmark training school, Pudong New District high -skilled talent training (training) base, which is the National University of Applied Technology (College) Alliance and non -profit private private private privately Member unit of college alliances. [1]
    In 1999, a number of entrepreneurial entrepreneurs who were enthusiastic about education and public welfare were invested and established in 1999. They were officially registered in June of the following year. ; In August 2003, the school was renamed “Shanghai Jianqiao Vocational and Technical College” and was listed as a construction unit in Shanghai’s demonstration higher vocational colleges in the same year. In September 2005, with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and filing the Ministry of Education, he agreed to establish the “Shanghai Jianqiao College” on the basis of the “Shanghai Jianqiao Vocational and Technical College”; in September 2006, the first batch of undergraduate students reported to the school; 2010 In July of the year, the school was approved as a bachelor’s degree awarding unit. In the fall of 2015, the school was relocated from Pudong Kangqiao to Pudong Lingang. In May 2017, the school was selected as the establishment of a new master’s degree awarding unit in Shanghai. [2]
    As of September 2020, the school campus covers an area of ​​532,500 square meters, the construction area is about 420,000 square meters, the total value of teaching and scientific research instruments has reached 250 million yuan, and more than 158 volumes of paper books are collected. ; There are 13 colleges and 1 department; 34 undergraduate majors are opened; 21,356 students are made in full -time students, including 1,8790 undergraduates; 1,347 faculty and staff.

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