costume jewelry wholesale china Is it the same as 51 yuan and 51 payment cards?

costume jewelry wholesale china

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  1. wholesale jewelry under a dollar 51 Payment Card (referred to as Payment Card) is an online shopping consumption of online shopping consumption online with card number passwords launched by Xingqi. It is well combined with third -party payment platforms and e -commerce sales websites to perfectly solve online payment online payment Difficulties, payment by environmental restrictions, etc., allowing netizens to easily indirectly engage in various online shopping and consumption behaviors through payment cards. 51 payment card is used to recharge the Alipay and Tenpay accounts, so as to realize the recharge card for online shopping consumption. 51 Payment Card has an independent automatic recharge system (), and the system provides users with 7*24 -hour customer service hotline and online customer service. As long as the user uses the payment card to log in with the payment card, choose to recharge the Alipay or Tenpay account account. After the recharge is successful, you can log in to Taobao,, and the online payment method with Alipay or Tenpay. Shopping consumption in e -commerce websites of more than 500,000 nationwide. 51 Payment Card implements the payment card as the medium, conducts offline recharge payment, and purchase the required goods is a useful supplement to the online gateway and bank card payment recharge method. Especially for users who do not have bank card payment conditions for some cities, 51 payment The use of cards makes it possible for users to shop online. At present, the value of the 51 payment card electronic card is: 10 yuan (rechargeable amount of 9.5 yuan), 30 yuan (rechargeable amount 28.5 yuan), 50 yuan (rechargeable amount is 47.5 yuan), 100 yuan (rechargeable amount 95 yuan 95 yuan) ), 200 yuan (rechargeable amount of 190 yuan), 500 yuan (rechargeable amount of 475 yuan); 51 payment card physical card surface values ​​of 53 yuan (rechargeable amount of 50 yuan, gift 10 yuan gold beans), 105 yuan (105 yuan) (given 10 yuan gold beans), 105 yuan (105 yuan) (given 10 yuan), 105 yuan ( The rechargeable amount is 100 yuan, the gift of 20 yuan gold beans), 210 yuan (the recharge amount is 200 yuan, the gift of 40 yuan golden beans), and the gold beans can participate in the exchange activities of all products in the gold bean exchange area, please log in for details, please log on jindou.fuka. In the later period, more other facial values ​​will be launched according to the needs of the market. The 51 payment card automatic recharge system supports the recharge method of the Shenzhou Bank. If the user cannot find the sales outlet of the 51 payment card around the user, and it is urgent to recharge the account, you can buy the national Shenzhou bank recharge card to the 51 payment card automatic recharge system to redeem the recharge. It's different from 51 coins

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