What are the causes of painful intercourse? How do you keep each other orgasmic?

This is a time when everyone is having sex and the smell of hormones is everywhere. ​Current lovers, strangers who have only met once, online friends who have only spoken to each other, Mini Sex Doll, even in our opinion, after the 00s, they can easily mix in the bed, or are eager to experiment.

Causes of painful intercourse in couples' lives​

Penile pain erection refers to the pain of penile erection, mainly due to the penile prepuce frenulum being too short, the prepuce opening is too narrow. Frenulum refers to the skin where the foreskin connects to the glans, located in the urethral opening under the glans. When the penis is erect, if the frenulum is overly short, it can pull on the glans, causing the penis to bend and suffer excessive pain. Prepuce is overly deep, if the male prepuce outer mouth narrow, when the penis erection, the expanded penis body or glans will be compressed and painful because of the prepuce mouth narrow, if not timely reset, it will be serious.​

What should be involved in full sex? Time, what's the best time of the week? What was your most passionate time? What poses are easier to achieve orgasm in?

It's normal to have sex more than 3 times a week.

Having a strong sense of rhythm and rhythm is extremely vital if you are doing linear fitness as a general missionary; ​it normally takes a while to adequately communicate her needs, and each other's festivals can be very cooperative with each other. Here is a totally independent control of the reciprocating motion of the view X stunt.

First, the man lies flat on the bed, the woman sits on the man's feet, then the knee clamp the man's buttocks, then the man points to the y stem; ​then the woman gradually brings her legs up to the man's shoulders, the woman's body lies on the edge of the bed or between the man's legs, and the legs of the two are in opposite X positions. This position allows women to be arrogant and have more playability to control the speed, depth and happiness of fitness exercises, making it easier for women to reach the high point of controlling overall consciousness and unbridled.

How to make each other have another orgasm

In the case of husband and wife, we never had another kind of sexual pleasure. I've heard that the essence of sex is two people having another orgasm. I would like to ask whether men and women can reach another high point.

Try rocking the female G "spot

It is an indisputable fact that when men and women are in love, boys reach heights several times faster than women; ​if you want each other to achieve the true meaning of death, most men who are Quick Shooters need to not only watch their opinions, but also be more tolerant! You can try shaking the G-spot, which means the woman lies down with her knees lifting her chest, and the man kneels down and grabs the woman's legs; ​or a man can alter his position to quickly enter the different butt; ​because this part can clearly rub a extremely sensitive G-spot in the y channel of women, making them want to die, men can also touch women's y toes at will, making women enjoy double pleasure.

Why can't you make your girlfriend have multiple orgasms?

My girlfriend said she never had an orgasm when I did it. She feels great when I give her oral sex or tease him with my fingers. How did that happen? What can a girl do to have an orgasm?

Hand mouth and friction method

In fact, most women's orgasms come from the Y-pedicle, with only a few coming from the Y-channel and G-spot. ​Thus even if the male sex organ is not large enough or lengthy enough, it can be called a Y-tie touch to help a woman achieve orgasm. The key, therefore, is not the size of the male organ or the speed of the reciprocating movement, but the hand and the sexual massage skills used, which is also the constant boredom of numerous boys to couple life.

Another factor that makes it difficult for women to enjoy multiple orgasms is Y-channel slack. It's an issue women are too ashamed to talk about. Long-term married life leads to the relaxation of the y channel, and the sensitivity of the y channel is also declining. How to ease this awkward problem? Dulace can be used to shrink the y ball to help repair the original ductility of the y channel and enjoy additional sexual pleasure.

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