10 led lights jewelry display wholesale Is it illegal to sell virtual currency?

10 led lights jewelry display wholesale

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  1. non piercing body jewelry wholesale Legal analysis: Selling virtual currency is not illegal. It is legal to buy and sell virtual currencies, but if the virtual currency is used to engage in illegal activities, it is illegal. If illegal operations are approved by the relevant state authorities, it is illegal to operate illegal business securities, futures, insurance business, or illegally engaged in fund payment and settlement business. Essence The object that violates this crime should be market order. In order to ensure restrictions on buying and selling items and import and exported items markets, the state's implementation of the business license system for items.
    The legal basis: Article 225 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China violates one of the following illegal business behaviors and disrupts the market order. Places or more than five times more than five times of violations of the law. The circumstances are particularly serious, in prison for more than five years, and double the fines of more than five times the illegal obtained or more than five times or less. (2) The business license or approval documents stipulated by other laws and administrative regulations or other laws and administrative regulations; (3) without the approval of illegal business securities, futures, and insurance services without the approval of relevant state competent departments approved by relevant state competent departments It is illegal to engage in fund payment settlement business; (4) Other illegal business behaviors that seriously disrupt market order.

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