Silicone doll audience, sex doll dyed what to do

According to incomplete statistics, the sex doll's audience is heavily weighted toward singles and long-term separated professionals.As you can imagine, the existence of sex dolls makes perfect sense. black sexy doll have made outstanding contributions to solving people's physical and mental health problems in life. However, in this kind of credit, always in some people, with their inflexible thinking, to arbitrarily evaluate, even people's predecessors and later criticism of us. It is as if their system of thought should be cutting-edge, correct, and worldly justice has been attached to them. They don't understand what it is. Don't persuade others to do great without suffering.

Pain and loneliness are frequently complementary. People never know when they will be, what is the place, suddenly collapse, the mind that the tight string will be broken! And they're still blaming us. We simply want another sec dolls way to express our emotions. They don't have to stand on top of us.

Single people, all kinds of youthful stratification, have their own sense of right and wrong, financial ability. But why don't they just get out? Being younger, not having time, not having circles, etc., are all serious obstacles to them. Being middle-aged has various reasons, whether it's widower, or appearance, or money, it's all personal. Sex dolls have become a huge part of their lives. She will be your best friend, your lover, and even your wife through every difficult night.

It's not difficult to imagine that with a large single population, there might be a few crimes. It's just, with mental health on the line, who's going to wear their lives on their belts?

Of course, the indisputable fact is that sex dolls do have a function of addressing physical needs, but that function is not what sex dolls are all about.

I'm not trying to be general. The world is not a place where most people can solve their single emotional problems simply by saying a word. We constantly treat love with emotion first, then with the body.

Don't panic when you encounter a problem, take a picture, and then you can contact the business as a priority.

Don't believe the Internet about using alcohol, gasoline, or even 84. These are extremely corrosive and will certainly corrode the doll. Learn to argue between right and wrong.

​Broadly speaking, if it is a minor problem, personal advice is to use water, add bath liquid to knead into a foam, apply the foam in the dyeing area, leave it for a short time, then it can be wiped off.

For a bit more serious, you can use olive oil, or some additional oil, pour it on a cotton pad, apply it, let it sit for a few days, then wipe it off.

Large area dyeing, the situation is extremely serious, you can use color cream, others not recommended.

Warm tips: When choosing clothes for the doll, try to choose the light color system, such as: white, powder, yellow and so on. The light color clothes should also be passed over the water to wear the doll. It is not recommended to wear dark clothes, such as black and blue, because there will be dyeing problems. No matter what type of clothing, wash it several times to make sure there is no discoloration.

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