Learn 6 singing skills, sound ten times better

1: Hum a lot, feel the resonance

When humming at ordinary times, hang meaning to feel, whether the nose has a slightly vibrating feeling. With practice, you'll find nasal resonance.​

2: Before singing, first open throat

Before singing, stretch out your two hands and hit both sides of the mouth (-- 10 seconds)

3. Open your mouth and raise the corners of your mouth

Lift your laughing muscles and then lift your soft palate to help you sing

4: How to find abdominal breathing

Do surprise, smell the flowers, the way a dog breathes to find the feeling of abdominal breathing

5: true falsetto conversion

Learn Wolf's cry to find the true falsetto transition (main sensory connection point)

6. Prevent voice breaking

To prevent voice breaking, before singing class yawn to keep this position to sing larynx do not mention

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