LED with low voltage and high voltage difference?

1. Different specifications and lengths

The most common kind of low-voltage lamp belt, used more than 12V and 24V. Some low pressure lamps with plastic protective cover, and some do not. The protective cover is not to prevent electric shock (low pressure is relatively safe), but the use of slightly different needs, such as the upper type cloth lamp, easy to fall dust and ash, it is recommended to use a protective cover, easy to clean.

Due to the thin substrate and weak over-current capacity, most low-voltage lamp strips are 5m. If THE use scenario requires a long light strip, then multiple connections are needed and multiple drivers are used. In addition, there is also a 20m, the substrate of the lamp belt is made thicker to increase the current bearing capacity.

The high-voltage lamp belt is usually 220V, and the length of the high-voltage lamp belt can be 100m continuously. Relatively speaking, the power of the high-voltage lamp strip is relatively high. Some 1M can reach 1000 LM, or even 1500 LM, such as the common SK6812 RGBW 144 LED strip light.


2, tailoring length is different.​

When the low pressure lamp belt needs to be cut, it should be seen on the surface of the cut port. The low-voltage light belt has scissors at short intervals, indicating that the area can be cut. How often is it usually cut? ​It Depends on the operating voltage of the lamp strip.

For example, the 24V lamp belt has six beads and a scissors mouth. Generally, the length of each section is 10cm. Like some 12V, it is 3 beads a cut, about 5cm.

High pressure light belt, generally 1M or even 2m a cut, remember not to cut from the middle (need to cut the whole meter), otherwise the whole set of lights will not be bright. Suppose we only need 2.5m light strips. What should we do? Cut 3M out, and then fold the extra half meter back, or cover it with black tape to prevent light leakage and avoid partial over-brightness.

3. Different application scenarios

Because the low pressure soft light belt is very convenient to use, tear off the adhesive protective paper, you can stick it in a relatively narrow place, such as bookcase, display case, clothing kitchen and so on, the shape can change, turn, arc and so on.

The high pressure lamp belt is usually fixed and installed with buckles. Because the whole lamp 220V high pressure, high pressure lamp belt if used in such as steps, guardrail this readily accessible place will be more dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended that the high pressure lamp belt is used in a high position, where people can not touch, such as the sky lamp slot. pay attention to the use of high pressure lamp belt must have a protective cover.

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