4 thoughts on “What is better for Taobao to sell now”

  1. Many people have asked this question, and you also know that the competition on Taobao is very fierce, so generally no one will tell you what to sell, that is, telling you that it is also unrealistic. I think the good -selling goods are sold out for a long time. Why has some people always say that there are too many clothes and it is difficult to sell, but why there are so many people who want to sell and continue to sell, because they know that it is not difficult to sell clothes. Therefore, there is no best to sell, only selling well.
    Since it is Taobao, of course, it can be called "treasure". This everyone's understanding and requirements for "treasure" are different. For example, for girls, the new style of clothes is treasure is treasure. ; For boys, handsome mobile phones are treasure. So, first of all, you should position "whether to make a woman's money or a man's money"!
    In product profits
    selling some high profits products, you can contact wholesalers or manufacturers to get goods
    1: Cosmetics
    Men may doubt, is Dabao a huge profit product? NO. The cosmetics here refer to imported high -end products. SK-II's famous fairy water is 560 yuan in China, while its manufacturing cost is only RMB 6.5. Surprising? Even if the R

  2. First, the price you set is the wholesale price. Of course, if you sell things less than the price, you will earn it if you sell too much. If the price is slightly increased by 1 ~ 5 yuan; Second, try to freely

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