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  1. The appraisal of diamonds

    diamonds are the hardest substances in natural substances. Diamonds can be carved with any other gems, but any other gems can be scratched by diamonds. It can also be carved with "standard hardness meter". The hardness is less than 9 degrees, and it is a fake diamond. Diamonds are also intimate. If a pen is drawn on the surface of the diamond, it becomes a continuous straight line, while other gems are intermittently intermittent. The above methods have a certain reference value in identifying diamonds. You can also observe through 10 times large mirror. Under 10 times the large mirror, most diamonds can see the flaws. There are triangular growth patterns. The surface of the diamond has "fire" light such as "red, orange, and blue". shining. The most accurate and reliable method is to use the "heat -guided meter" to measure heat -conducting data to distinguish between true and false diamonds, but the price of "thermal guide" is more expensive. … >>> The eight most famous diamonds in the world

    Since diamonds are noble and luxurious jewelry, currently the market is replaced or claimed to be used in the market with cheap gems, artificial gems and even glass. There are the following types of fake diamonds:

    ① 假 假: It is very similar to the diamond and is the best substitute for diamonds. The appraisal method is that because the vermiculite has polarization and a large double refractive index, when the vermiculite edge after 10 times the large mirror is used to observe the processing of the processing, it can be seen from its top surface. Shadow, and diamonds have no phenomenon.

    ② Glass: The folding index of the glass is very low, and there is no flashing color light of diamonds; especially sinking into the water, the glass products are glory at all, and immediately expose the horse's feet.

    ③ Soviet diamond: That is, cubic oxidation, the earliest was successfully developed by the Soviets, hence the name. Soviet diamonds are artificial compounds, but they are very close to natural diamonds in terms of scattered and folding. They also have the seductive appearance of "fire". But its hardness (8.5) can be distinguished from each other. And thermal conductivity is much lower than that of diamonds, which can be identified by the "hot guide" and accurately distinguish it.

    ④ Crystal: Although the crystal is a transparent crystal of natural minerals, it is like diamonds after processing, but it lacks the colorful light of diamonds. … >>> Player Story: Crystal Woman Stunning Fate

    The appraisal of ruby ​​

    The natural gems "ten red and nine cracks", no flaws and cracks are extremely rare Essence The color of artificial ruby ​​is consistent, with less internal defects or crystalline wraps, clean, and large blocks. As a precious gem, natural rubies with more than 3 carats on the market are very rare. If you encounter a larger ruby, you must attract attention, because natural ruby ​​is thousands of times higher than artificial ruby. "Take medicine".

    The natural ruby ​​has a strong "two -color". Crystal, garnet, red glass, etc.

    The red spinel is very similar to natural ruby. The two are the most confused, so they must be particularly careful.

    The identification of sapphire

    extension: identifying platinum
    The color of natural sapphire is often uneven, most of which have straight growth patterns. The color of the artificial sapphire is the same, and its growth pattern is an arc -shaped belt. Often, there are bread dandruff or beaded bubbles in the body.

    The natural sapphire also has obvious duality. From one direction, it is blue, and from the other direction, it is blue -green. The color of other gems is different from natural sapphire, which can be distinguished.

    It the easiest method can be measured by hardness. Natural sapphire can be carved on the yellow jade, and other blue gems can be engraved on the yellow jade. There are no instruments around, as long as there is a piece of yellow jade, sometimes it can solve some problems.

    The appraisal of emerald

    extension: Amber jewelry
    In nature, there are many types of green transparent gemstones similar to emerald, more common ones are jadeite, tourmaline, tourmaline, tourmaline, tourmaline, tourmaline , Fluorite, olives, garnet, and vermiculite. Among them, it looks like emerald and easily confuses tourmaline, fluorite and emerald. Observed with the naked eye, green emeralds are generally translucent, often with fiber spots, while high -quality emerald transparent and crystal. The hardness of emeralds is 7.5-8, while the fluorite hardness is low, only 4. The proportion of emeralds is small, while fluorite, tourmaline, and jadeite are large. The vermiculite is strong and has obvious double shadows.

    It, there are artificial emeralds, green glass, etc. similar to natural emeralds, etc. The biggest difference between them is that most of the natural emeralds have flaws or bodies. Color. Of course, it is necessary to strictly and correctly distinguish it.

    The identification of cat eyes

    In recent years, there is a glass fiber cat eye ring sales on the market, inlaid on a gold or silver ring, making people true and false. The method of identification is that when rotating the noodles, several light bands can appear at the same time on the top of the fake cat's eye, while there is only one real cat eye. The fake cat eye eyeliner is rigid, and the real cat eye eyeliner is flexible. The color of real cat eyes is mostly brown yellow or pale green, while fake cat eyes have diverse colors, with red, blue, green and other colors.

    The appraisal

    Opony can be divided into Black Opal, White Opal, Huang Opal, etc. According to its color, the price is the highest in Black Opal. In order to increase the grade of low -priced white or Huangoubo, some people use artificial methods to change color and become "Black Opal" to get high profits. The main method is to cook or inject plastic with sugar to make white Opal. The method of identification is that the proportion of Opal, cooked or injected by sugar or injection, is tested in water, and its proportion is lighter. You can also use the heated needle to test the injection of Opal. The natural Opal hot needle is not entered. The injection molding Opal can be tied and produced the smell after plastic.

    's identification of tourmaline

    Thamanels are a kind of mid -range gem, but because pink and fresh blue tourmaline are more valuable, there are also imitations. There are two types of common imitation products, one for colorless tourmaline artificial color; the other is processed by red glass. The method of identification is that true tourmaline often has obvious duality, which can be seen in double shadows; tube wraps or cotton floccope can be seen in the body. These characteristics are not possessing by imitation. The tourmaline dyed in the workers. Because of the stagnation of the color, it lacks the "treasure light" of natural tourmaline, so it is not difficult to identify.

    The appraisal of crystal

    The temptation from crystal
    The natural crystal is clear and transparent, often contains cloud -like, star -shaped or flocculent gas liquid wraps, and often often There are slight cracks. In addition, natural crystals are polarized. It can be seen that the phenomenon of dual crystal, such as crystal sphere, from top to bottom, meet with dual phenomena. Artificial synthetic crystal or glass products are pure in the body without cracks, and there are often small bubbles inside. The sphere looks from top to bottom, and the double shadow of the line below cannot be seen. With your hands, you can feel that the proportion of the synthetic crystal is greater than the natural crystal; the natural crystal has a cold feeling, and the glass has a temperature.

    The identification of olive olivine

    olives are a green medium and low -grade gemstone similar to olives. The most common on the market is made of colored glass Olive imitation. The main difference between the two is that olives have obvious "double shadows", while glass is not; crystalline bags are often visible in olives, and the glass contains only air bubbles; The gravity (2.6) and hardness (6) are large.

    The identification of pearl

    Crocomonic seawater pearls came out
    Pearls are divided into natural pearls and breeding pearls. Natural pearls have small output and expensive prices; and farming pearls can be produced in large quantities, so the price is much lower. The main difference between the two is that there is no nuclear in the interior of natural pearls and breeding pearls. The core of natural pearls is often only some sand or parasites, and there are even no nucleus. The core of breeding pearls is a larger ballpoint of artificially made, so the wrap layer outside is thin. It is manifested on the surface, and natural pearls are randomly rolled because of their growth environment, and foreign bodies in the nuclear are rarely rolled, and their shapes are poor. The nucleus of the breeding pearl is rounded, so the roundness is better after becoming beads. Due to the long period of growth, the natural pearl has a delicate texture, thick layers, smooth epidermis, rarely "bubbles", and more transparent. The breeding pearl has a short sound when it is beads, so the bead layer is thin, the texture is rough, the gloss is "wax", and there are often some uneven "small bubbles" on the surface, which is also poor. If it is a perforated pearl, carefully observe the holes with a magnifying glass. If you cultivate pearls, you can generally see a brown line in the pearl. This is the dividing line between the kernels and the later pearl layer.

    At present, imitation pearls often appear on the market, generally made of glass pearls or silver powder. The gloss is obviously different from the true pearl, and the weight is different. You can identify. If there is a nail or a knife, it will immediately expose the true face of Lushan. rnrn鉴别珍珠,珠宝界有一些经验之谈,兹介绍如上:rnrn① 如是成串珍珠,其颜色、大小、形状、光泽等完全一致,即为man-made Pearl. Because the true pearl is not consistent anyway.

    ② The gloss of the real pearl is like a rainbow, and the color is very beautiful. Because the surface is coating, the gloss is monotonous, and there is no rainbow color.

    ③ Welcome to the light.

    ④ Through the feel, the real pearl has a smooth and cool feeling, while the fake pearls are often warm.

    ⑤ Putting a large mirror with 10 times the large mirror observation, the growth texture can be seen on the surface of the pearl. There is no growth texture on the fake pearls, and only the coating is seen.

  2. How do people ask how to simply identify it. What do you do? What do you do?
    I tell you a simple way that you can only identify authenticity and cannot identify the level.

    The synthetic diamonds often contain metal wraps. These wraps are large or small, and sometimes you can observe it with the naked eye. Metal parcels are magnetic and can be attracted by magnets. During the inspection process, the diamond is tied to a wire line, blocking the airflow, approaching the magnet, and then swinging the magnets. Synthetic diamonds swing parallel with the magnet, while natural diamonds have no response.

    is this simple enough? There is also simpler
    A respiratory test
    The speed of the gas on the disappearance of the gas on the surface of the diamond and the surface of the similar product, you must have experience! If you are a grape consumer to buy a strong magnetic magnetic, it is the kind to buy the gas meter on the roadside

  3. The easiest way to diamond the true and false, one piece of paper and one pen, teach you to identify the true and false diamonds!

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  4. How to simply identify the authenticity of diamonds?
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