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  1. Jewelry sales skills, first of all, we must settle their own mentality, observe more colleagues who do better colleagues in the company's sales and more helpful to sell, learn to use themselves, and better let yourself find sales of sales. Method and technical. ^_^Follow your own sales work experience sharing: 1. First of all, you must clarify your own role and define yourself as a jewelry consultant to help customers solve the problem to meet customer needs, instead of thinking about selling; 2. Clarify your own mentality of your own mentality Later, we must have the consciousness of consultant -based sales. In the early stage, we introduced less of their own products, and they focused on communicating with customers. They knew the needs of customers and the problems they wanted to solve. After you understand it, which is the one? Do you wear it yourself or given? What is the purpose of giving away? What is the original intention of buying yourself and so on. Then combine your own business knowledge, help customers analyze through the way of asking questions, gradually guide customers, and give customers suggestions to make customers realize that your suggestion is exactly what the customer needs, and then the transaction is promoted; in a kind of Analyze the needs of customers, and communicate how to solve the needs of the needs to complete the sales atmosphere to achieve sales; 3. The best sales skills will always be the true intention of the customer and the sincere help to solve the problem or get a better feeling. Therefore, do not let the so -called sales techniques exceed your intention to customers. 4. I usually learn more and read more books. Books on sales are recommended to read the two books: "Win -win" and "Sales Giant".
    Sales are a challenging job. Outstanding sales staff of colleagues can make the sales very elegant. At the same time, they also make customers happy. Therefore, the prospects of jewelry sales are definitely there. Can you find the feeling of sales and the fun in it.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! Jewelry salesperson is good! You can learn a lot! I have made more than ten years of jewelry, and now I have invested in my brother's jewelry shop! He is a jewelry appraisal undergraduate! If you need help, my brother and I can teach you! You can also introduce you to the big jewelry brand to go to work!nHope to adopt it, I wish you a happy life       nQuestion, how can I improve performancenAnswer 1. Prepare customers in good mental states to meet customers' arrival of less traffic than other commodity people. Jewelry salesperson is often boring. If you are a professional store, you should give the salesperson a good environment and atmosphere, such as putting some light music and some professional magazines. When customers do not enter the store, they do not need to stand straight for a long time. And when the customer enters or is ready to enter the store, he stands politely and welcomes the customer with a smile, and you can also give certain greetings, such as "Hello"! "welcome". If it is a comprehensive mall, the salesperson should always be prepared to receive the customer. When a customer walks in the jewelry technology department, it is necessary to take as much as possible to attract the attention of the customer's counter. Commodity test wearing, etc. This may make customers have interest in your counter, which is actually a small advertisement. 2. In a timely manner to receive customers as customers walking towards your counter, you should watch the customer with a smile, or greet it, but you should not approach the customer prematurely. You should create an easy shopping environment for customers. When the customer stays at a certain counter and pay attention to seeing a certain jewelry, you should lightly approach the customer. It is recommended not to stand on the customer’s positiven3. Fully display the jewelry jewelry because most customers lack the knowledge of jewelry knowledge, so the salesperson's display of jewelry is very important. When many salespersons proposed to take a piece of jewelry, they opened the counter mechanically. After taking it out, they submitted the customer to exaggerate the style. In fact, when you start to take out diamond jewelry, you should first describe the cutting of the diamond, and keep swinging the diamond jewelry with your hands, and the manual mouth also moves. Will imitate your movements to observe the diamonds, and ask what is "Belgium cut" and what is "fire" .... Sales workers can answer. Such a question and answer is the skill of showing the jewelry jewelry. Don't just be limited to your own description. This is easy to produce a boring taste. When the customer chooses the style of the style, the salesperson should recommend the two styles in time and the unchanged jewelry with a greater contrast and the customer choose to observe the longer time. The style represented by the two styles should be re -described. This is easy to lock and narrow the style and scope of customer choices.nUsing the doubts raised by customers, the more jewelry knowledge is introduced by the opportunity to introduce the opportunity to introduce the jewelry knowledge customers, the more satisfaction will be satisfied after buying. When a lady put on a newly bought diamond ring to go to work, she always hopes to attract the attention of my colleagues. When someone sees this diamond ring, she will talk about the endless knowledge of the diamonds she knows, and fully get the spiritual enjoyment of a diamond. At the same time, she is also advertising for you. As the saying goes; "Satisfied customers are the best advertisements", "the most influential advertisement is the people around them." But if you are willing to listen or not to explain the knowledge of jewelry, you will also attract customers' boredom. Therefore, the timing is very important, seizing the opportunity throughout the process of sales, especially when customers ask questions. 5. Guide consumers out of the purchase misunderstanding and avoid the weakness of the diamond qualityn4 morenBleak

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