3 thoughts on “Student handmade gifts to send girlfriends”

  1. 1. Origami stars: the significance of the number of Baidu stars (such as 99 representatives long, long -lasting, 1314 representatives of life, one life, etc.), and then fold it by yourself. If you), don't be too touched.
    2, self -made retro phase frame: You can use hemp rope to surround the old photo frame (you can create it by yourself), and you can also put a hidden head to confess poetry (confession artifact, you will have a blow), and a poem is attached.
    3, happy puzzle/DIY album: record the moment of happiness, make it into a puzzle or photo album, absolutely warm heart.
    4, handmade cloth doll: Although it is a bit naive, it can still be recommended to send girlfriends, one person is best.
    Extension information:
    The carefully selected, which is what your friend likes, then the gift you carefully choose, then after the friend sees it Say, at least you have each other in your hearts.
    The timeliness, in fact, do not care about this for some friends, but we must grasp the time for a certain time. Only when you grasp the opportunity, then you can know what friends want.
    It you like to send your gifts. In fact, if you don't like the gifts you send, then the gift you give really does not mean much, so you want to give you a gift you like.

  2. "My handmade word, a little psychological burden is too heavy." It seems that after taking off the student aura, I want to make a word and deeds with a long -term adult who can keep up with the quality of life of white -collar workers. It seems that I don't have enough style.

    "I'm afraid that my handmade is too ugly, and others don't look at it at all. I am afraid of being laughed at." There has been no talent and confidence in handmade, and my heart is unfortunate. It is better to give gifts to avoid weaknesses. You still want to show your powerful side in front of your favorite person. Let a girl endure your rough handmade, and can't bear it!

    It often overcome some of the magic barriers in the heart when making gifts. This is often for some people who want to make gifts by themselves, but they have no manual experience, and even ridiculed themselves as the disabled party.

    In fact, from the perspective of girls, it will really feel the other person's mind when receiving the manual, and it will even be a little moved. But don't hold "I have handmade gifts for you, why don't you move?" This mentality requires that every girl can accept your handmade. Don't be deified and exaggerated the role of handmade gifts. It is indeed very innocent and hearty, but this is just an emotional expression, and it does not mean that other gifts do not care.

  3. Lipsticks, rouge, can also be origami small stars, handmade frames, etc.
    The gift for girlfriends can not be wasteful, but she must be attentive to let her feel your good blessings and the deep friendship between you.
    It also consider choosing gifts commonly used in this season.

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