1 thought on “Jewelry”

  1. 1. Ten years of quality, you deserve it.
    2, the collection is natural, it belongs to it.
    3, simple and luxurious, beautiful Xinyan
    4, pure, endless; beauty, eternal.
    5, noble style, it is so simple.
    6, enjoy a happy life with a beautiful mood.
    7, experience with heart, feel with love.
    8, fashion dazzling wind is accompanied by you.

    The daily care and maintenance of jewelry: 1. Do not wear jewelry when exercising or doing heavy work, so as not to cause unsupported losses caused by collision. Even in daily wear, be careful to avoid wear and sudden blows, otherwise it will be damaged even the most difficult gem.
    2. When storing jewelry, store jewelry in boxes or soft cloths so that it will not contact other jewelry. Most gems are harder than gold, silver or platinum. If they are not opened, they may scratch the surface of other jewelry.
    3. When wearing jewelry, pay attention to check once a month. If there is a phenomenon of looseness, it should be repaired in time.
    4, wear jewelry after washing and makeup, which can avoid eruption or cosmetics damaged jewelry, thereby maintaining its color.
    5, jewelry stained with the fat and sweat secreted by the human body, it will lose light. Therefore, if you wear it frequently, wash it once a month.

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