5 thoughts on “Li Yitong's cartoon sweater and jeans are active and age -reducing.”

  1. Although it is a goddess on the appearance, Li Yitong seems to like a sweater. The T -shirt is full of comfortable clothes. Li Yitong often goes on his body sweater. In the airport, Li Yitong is wearing a sweater jeans. How can I wear jeans?
    . The cartoon sweater can also be matched with the tidal pants. In fact, with the cartoon sweater, the wide wide -leg jeans are the best choice. The two people's casual sense of leisure is very heavy, and there is also a standard work pants with a full standard of cartoon sweaters. The feeling of work pants is both casual and convenient. Compatible with various styles, the young girls now like this dress, the upper body, and the wide sweater, and the lower body is a cool and handsome dress pants. It can also be paired with a pair of Martin boots to modify the proportion and cool. Most.
    . The cartoon sweater can also be paired with sports pants that are the same and comfortable. The cartoon sweater is very versatile. In addition to pairing with trousers and jeans, the cartoon sweater with sports pants is also completely unwilling. This match is very suitable for spring and summer to play with friends. It looks full of fashion. Such a combination is also a weapon of tenderness, without any exquisiteness, but it can create a beautiful beauty that is not dressed.
    . It is best to wear a pair of sneakers or sneakers canvas shoes in a cartoon sweater. The cartoon sweater is a little particular about what shoes are matched with. Wearing a cartoon sweaters feels more relaxed and comfortable, so to avoid shoes with heavy business sense, high heels are definitely not good. The best choice is to match a pair of fashionable sneakers or sneakers. Canvas shoes are also a good choice, adding a sense of leisure to the entire match, the whole match looks full of youthful vitality. It is not so delicate, but this vitality.

  2. Li Yitong's cartoon sweater and jeans are reducing the vitality of jeans. In addition to pairing jeans with some shorts and some casual pants, it seems that the whole person will be full of vitality and youth.

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