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  1. I like this like this, because this kind of dress is very beautiful, it will show a person's temperament. Sweats with jeans are a very common way to wear in winter, and it is also a very classic way of dressing. Such a dress does not limit the figure and does not limit the age. It is very popular.
    About Li Yitong and Li Yitong ushered in a small peak of career. Because the new drama continued, the popularity increased very obvious. Especially in the drama of "My Time, Your Time", the Ai Qing played by Li Yitong has a strong sense of substitution, which makes people want to talk about a sweet love. Hu Yitian, Li Yitong, is really sweet. Not only does it have a sugar -sprinkled sugar plot, but he is still secretly wearing a couple's outfit in the play. The CP sense is simply!
    . Although Li Yitong is not born in the science class, his acting skills have been praised. "Girls with great" are also a good drama worthy of staying up late. In the play, Li Yitong and Jin Chen played a pair of girlfriends. The growth experience of the two is very brilliant. The fashionable and avant -garde shape is a big highlight in the play.
    Li Ke, played by Li Yitong, belongs to the sweet and gentle workplace girl. Her dressing is very suitable for girls who are new to the workplace. Each set of high -value combinations have knowledge points worthy of our learning. Li Yitong's shape in modern dramas can be circled with it. Of course, this can only be indicated that the stylist is too powerful. If you want to see her dressing, it mainly depends on her private clothes look.
    It Li Yitong's dress is actually a small genius in private. Several look is even more like a dating model. The temperament of sweet girl style can easily make boys love. First of all, let's take a look at Li Yitong's match. This time she chose a taro purple sweater, and then paired with a pair of cream pants, wearing a gentle temperament without effort.
    Ito Li Yitong is really attentive, not only choosing the popular color of 2021, but also wearing a sense of fashion. The same "floral" elements between the two items also increased the exquisite and romantic atmosphere, showing the side of her little girl to the fullest.
    Itong is also a detailed with a master, but a pearl card card is added to the ear, which enhances the elegant and playful sense of the shape. It looks really delicate. Gentle and waiting for the early spring match, she was ingeniously matched with a thousand bird's square bag, adding a bit of retro ladies. Such a sweet and not greasy look is really exciting.
    Li Yitong has always liked to use small accessories or niche -designed bags to enhance the stylish charm of styling. Li Yitong who laughed was sweet and healed, and this time, she chose to use a soft curly hair with a pentagram's metal card, which enlarged the charm of her vitality girl style and looked very eye -catching.
    Ito Li Yitong chose a complete set this time. The high -waist and short sweater suite, which effortlessly helps her to modify the proportion of the figure of the nine -headed body, and the upper body is casual without losing the aura. Of course, the spring and summer of 2021 is still very hot green, fresh and comfortable and white, and it can improve the eye -catching index of shape. The matching of the same color system, because the dew -waist is full of women's temperament, youthfulness and sexy are sexy, and everywhere is the focus.
    Itong is really suitable for bright and lively colors. Recently, several body matching has a sense of vitality girl with color, which is particularly tender. This time, Li Yitong chose the popular seaside glass blue in 2021. It looks like a fairy, colliding with the soft glutinous knitted cardigan, and can wear the first feelings without effort.

    . Her charm Li Yitong's chosen knitted cardigan this time is not only unique in color, but also milk and fairy. The mini -bear decoration of the cute value of the value has increased the fashion and childlikeness of the clothing, and the girl is full of sense.
    and her lower body chose to decorate with the knitted bears on the knitted cardigan, the same color jeans, with a lot of fashion and refinement. The popular color of 2021 is bright, and it is suitable for greeting spring. Daily we learn from Li Yitong's look, choose the contrasting color matching of yellow sweater jeans to easily wear a youthful and beautiful temperament.

  2. Many people now follow the trend when choosing clothes, and the current popular colors will also become one of the choices for girls. In addition to the very classic black and white gray three colors, the recently popular yellow is also the color that many girls will choose. Now that winter has arrived, many cities have ushered in early snow. Everyone has wrapped in thick winter clothes. Otherwise, yellow is the recent popular color. Even female stars have begun to wear yellow clothes. Miss Li Yitong's yellow sweater with jeans makes people look bright. Miss Li Yitong's age is not very old. This combination makes her look more youthful and beautiful. I like this like this.
    Ito Miss Li Yitong is a young actor. Her daily match is leisure. Her dressing is very suitable for young people to learn from. The upper body of the younger sister chose a light yellow sweater. The color of this sweater can be said to be macaron yellow. This color gives people a very warm feeling. The light yellow color will not make people feel dazzling. Very skin tone. If your skin tone is also as fair as Li Yitong, it is recommended that you wear a pale yellow sweater. This sweater will make your skin tone more fair.
    The light yellow has a very good age reduction effect. At the same time, this color will also make you more sweet and cute. This sweater of Miss Li Yitong is a casual money. The clothes are relatively loose. Such clothes are very suitable for office workers. The lower body of the younger sister is paired with a pair of blue and loose jeans. The design of this jeans is very simple. Often, the simpler design can wear more temperament. This jeans is straight, which can make our legs look more slender. Straight.
    In winter when wearing clothes in winter, be sure to put comfort and warmth in an important position. If you also want to wear your clothes to youthful beauty in winter, try to try Miss Li Yitong's body. Essence

  3. Li Yitong wore a yellow sweater with jeans, youthful and beautiful. This kind of dressing was very energetic. People say that Li Yitong is preferred, because classic learning, fashionable, basic models are more fashionable, such as yellow sweater and blue pants. In addition to refreshing, there is also a sweet feeling. Girls who like sweet matching can be matched with yellow. Beige is more refreshing, and the earth is more capable and sweet. The level of texture comes from the collision of the color system. The way of stacking changes the sense of styling, such as the shirt wearing inside.
    The fresh shirt with earthy yellow sweater. We can use oversized wide -leg pants to form a contrast to show thinness, that is, reduce thickness, in addition to reducing the thickness, it also increases the contrast of color. Li Yitong's dress shows a sweet feeling as a whole, which is the home style that everyone likes. This is also the sweet color that the younger sister likes. After the yellow overlap, it has affinity and appeal. It can also be used to embellish the color tone. Yellow sweater can be used as a ratio of 37 points. With high waist wide -leg pants, the temperament is very good.
    Itong wearing a yellow sweater and jeans. When it appears at the airport, the overall style is very fresh, and it looks like a bright feeling. The yellow sweater with dark blue jeans will have a comparison in color, and the whole clothes are more inclined to cool colors, and it will look fresh. This yellow sweater has no fixed design value in the design of the shoulder width, so it looks more loose and the sleeve part feels very atmospheric.
    Li Yitong's body is good, the whole person is tall and thin, and the adaptation of the clothes is high. Li Yitong's coat design looks simple, but the sleeve design seems to be longer. The design of the fishtail is also very delicate. The personal design seems to show the figure. The design of the waist looks very elegant, the waist looks tight, and the double -layer tassel design is also beautiful.
    In the choice of pants, Li Yitong chose the waist's wide -leg pants, and the waist and hips felt tight. This pants look very casual, but it can also reflect the advantages of the figure. In daily life, it can also be matched and designed. Li Yitong's hairstyle and makeup are also very delicate, especially the hairstyle, and the large curly hair looks more vibrant. I have to say that if you want to wear fashion, you should also pay attention to many aspects. Li Yitong wore a yellow knitwear and blue jeans to give people a fresh and beautiful feeling. very sunny.

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