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  1. Participants
    1. Producer: The highest person in charge of a film (looking for funds and creating crews).
    2. Director: The highest person in charge in the creation group (mobilizing the enthusiasm of the entire crew, completing the filming plan within the current time).
    3. Supervision: The highest person in charge of the later period (supervision work in later editing).
    4. Planner: Responsible for the producer (responsible for the work of the film except the script).
    5. Screenwriter: Responsible for the producer and director (creative script and modifying the script in the first time).
    6. Art director: Responsible for the director (responsible for the overall shadow positioning in the film).
    7. Production: It is person responsible for the daily affairs of the film film crew, such as arranging shooting venues, accommodation, diet supply, etc.
    8. Director: It is the general person in charge of the specific art creation of film and television advertisements. Regardless of film photography, actors, recording, art, clothing, makeup, and props, we must obey the director's overall creative ideas.
    9. Screenwriter: The person who creates the script is usually responsible for modifying the script.
    10. Drama: It is in charge of logistics, such as props, and arranging actors' life. Tips, tips, content, number of times, negative meters (time code)
    Customer group
    1. Manufacturer and dealer of film and television record equipment
    2. Non -editing, virtual virtual, virtual virtual , Animation, special effects synthesis, packaging and other later equipment development manufacturers and dealers
    3. Light, audio equipment manufacturers and dealers
    4. Film and television program production training institutions
    1. Film and television production industry: Chaoyang industry "return furnace" is the first choice. In the later stage of film and television talents, the employers are robbed by employers
    With the increasingly serious employment situation of college graduates, it has aroused high attention from the media and the entire society. According to data The employment rates of "film and television animation" and "game art" have more than 93%. At present, many college students in many arts and IT majors choose to enter the emerging digital creativity through vocational training. "The return of the furnace" realized the turn, why is this?
    The talent gap in the film and television post -production industry has reached about 200,000. Among them, it is the most lack of special effect editors, column packagers, anime composite talents, and micro -film production. At the same time, the salary in the film and television industry is generally much higher than that of traditional industries. According to authoritative investigation reports, the film and television industry revenue of more than 7,000 or more reaches 30%, which is much taller than other industries. It is new and attractive, and it can be seen that the film and television industry in the later period can be described as the fragrant industry.
    2. High -end film and television talents are difficult to find in the late stage
    The monthly salary of special effects editing artists starts from 5,000 yuan, the monthly salary of the packaging engineer starts from 6,000 yuan, and the monthly salary of strong film and television capabilities can reach 10,000 yuan ... "At the job fair site, this way The high -paying talents can be seen everywhere. Although there are many applicants, there are very few people who really meet the requirements.
    "Enterprises long for talents, but it is difficult to find professionals with strong original ability and hands -on ability. "At the job fair, many film and television companies have made such emotions. On the one hand, the rapid growth of the number of students in film and television majors, on the other hand, the lack of professional talents in film and television animation companies.
    . rn   据了解,许多刚毕业的大学生,虽然学的是动漫相关专业,但是并不具备企业需要的专业技能。某高校动漫专业毕业生小王,在招聘会上走了几圈,却一The resume did not invest. "When I came to the job fair, I found that the professional skills I wanted by the company did not master it. "This is Xiao Wang’s emotions.
    and such a good job is more picky for selecting people. First of all, the words of large enterprises are pre -selected by human resources. Looking at your potential in the professional, you will collect your works, and you will design some questions to examine your teamwork awareness. Second, you will recommend it to the technical department. Pay great importance to your work, look at your technical foundation and your artistic potential. Therefore, it is not easy to develop in the high -end film and television industry industry. There are no two brushes. It is difficult. Compared with Xiao Yang, compared to Xiao Yang, the reporter saw Xiao Yang soon seen by the employer at the recruitment site. So many people applied for Huace Film and Television, but they were seen suddenly? The reporter was curious to see what happened. It turned out that Xiao Yang brought a lot of his own film and television works. The employer was looking at his hands -on ability. Xiao Yang told reporters that before graduating from college, he was more interested in the film and television in the later period, and it was also very very very interested in the film and television. I want to engage in film and television work. But I am not particularly familiar with film and television special effects software, and I do n’t have much confidence to be competent for the later work of film and television. Therefore, I want to improve my skills through training. In the later short -term skills training, here it let Xiao Yang bid farewell to the embarrassing state of "graduation is unemployed", and let him successfully get the golden key to enter Huace Film.
    可以选择别的出路,特别是快毕业了的大学生,越早找到方向,越早走出困惑,就越容易在人生道路上取得成就、创造精彩。其实我们可以像小杨那样花点时间去武装自己, Make yourself stronger. But when choosing a training institution, you must be careful, and students must take into account the teaching equipment, teachers, and employment rates of the training institution before choosing. Dreams, everyone can become different, everyone can usher in their most shining moments, people's life is doomed, seven points of hard work. As a facing employment, you should break through the current situation and master Machine, determine the goal so that in your future development, you can continue to move to a higher and farther forward.

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