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  1. Let me introduce it today.

    : The machine

    If there is no power, select the twelve volt gas electric frying pot. Small one can stir for about ten pounds at a time, and can use the battery to drive the machine. A total of about 2,000 yuan.

    : Chestnut

    The produced places with more chestnuts, Yunnan, Shandong, Hebei, etc. Hebei Qianxi chestnut is better. The chestnut model is generally more than two five two, and the size is just suitable for frying.

    : Chestnut

    1: Prepare the stones of the chestnut first, and the pea -sized stone. Wash the stones and dry it. If you fried about ten pounds of chestnuts each time, you can use about fifteen pounds of stones.

    2: Start opening the gas and medium firepower. Pour the machine into the stone and add about two or two white sugar when the stone is hot. Wait for sugar to melt and reduce the firepower, and continue to fry for about five minutes.

    3: Start pouring into the chestnut and continue to warm up. When the chestnut touches the hot hand, the fire is adjusted to the minimum level. In about ten minutes, try to pinch the chestnut with your hands to see if you are holding your breath. At this time, pay special attention: Be careful of the chestnut explosion. You can also open the chestnut to taste the level of life. If you want the chestnut color, you can properly at home. After the chestnuts are completely mature, you can get out of the pot. Put it with a colander.

    four: Insulation

    The insulation can be used in foam box. It's best to sell while frying. The insulation time should not be too long, and the chestnut meat is easy to change.

    Five: Profit:

    Gere chestnuts can speculate in eight to nine two per catty. Generally, raw chestnuts are now around seven yuan. The price is generally about fifteen. The profit can reach 40 to 50 %.

    It if there is a good location, it is easy to fry more than a hundred pounds a day.

    It what doubts can comment and communicate below, I will explain it for everyone.
    The things are considered that every industry is not everyone who can make a fortune, but the opportunity is to leave it to the preparations.

  2. There are a lot of this in the small market. But they fried with iron sand, although the color is very good, it feels unhygienic (not me alone). Therefore, many people have begun to resist now.

    If you want to do it, I suggest you think of individual methods. Don't first start with sanitation like people now and win the trust of consumers. After all, chestnuts are very nutritious, and many people like to eat. I feel that the prospect is still good.

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