What is the raw material of powder coating basically?

Powder coating powder because it does not contain volatile solvents, in the process of production and application of environmental friendly, a little treatment can meet the requirements of environmental protection, is the rapid development of coating varieties in recent years.

According to the type of film, it is divided into two types: thermoplastic type and thermosetting type.


The main raw material of thermoplastic powder coating powder is thermoplastic polyethylene plastic particles, which are mixed with fillers and pigments to melt and extruder, and the crushed particles are coarser and thicker.

A typical application is a bicycle basket.

Thermosetting powder coating powder, the current application of resin varieties more, and have the corresponding curing agent. Such as polyester resin/TGIC, epoxy resin/dicyandiamide, acrylic resin/isocyanate and so on.

These materials are excellent in decoration, weather resistance, physical and chemical properties, and their typical applications are home appliance shells, power distribution cabinet, auto parts, building doors and windows, etc. In practical application, thermosetting powder coating powder accounts for 90% of the total 2.6 million tons of powder coating powder (annual meeting data released by China Powder Coating Powder Society in 2020).

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