What are the disadvantages of 6D hair extensions

6D hair extension is a technical type of hair extension on the market now. Its disadvantages are very obvious, that is, the contact point is rough, and the connection between the good hair and the original hair is not soft, but very obvious. In addition, this kind of hair extension technology gives people a very poor experience. The whole process is not only uncomfortable, but will feel pain and strong foreign body sensation. What's more, the effect is far less than other types of hair extensions on the market.

I. Operation process of 6D hair extension

6D hair extensions are highly dependent on machines, mainly because there is a proprietary machine responsible for the combination of new and original hair. For hair extensions, the connector is very important, and the connector material directly determines whether it can have a good effect on the connection with the original hair. The joints used in this type of plan are composite materials, advertised for the purpose of easy operation, that is, the ease of disassembly and the ability to recycle.

a90c5f3294e05e1d8447086918397c0eThe difficulty of 6D hair extensions is very small. General barbershops do not need to learn with a special hair extension manufacturer. Ordinary assistants can learn it with the simple education of the hairstylist, and the operation steps are very simple. The connection between the specific connector and the original hair is operated by the machine, which can attach about 10 strands of hair in one use. And according to the amount of hair a woman needs, the complete head needs about 30 times the use of the machine, the time is very short. It only takes about 50 minutes, and can be as short as 20 minutes if it's fast.

Two, 6D hair how to remove hair

Using 6D hair extensions to get good hair is very difficult to remove, which is also one of its disadvantages. Because the machine operation is far less sophisticated than the manual operation, the joint with the native hair is very rough, there is no suitable fit. When removing the hair, it is necessary to use special tools to loosen the joint and the native hair. This method does not cause any damage to the native hair, but in the process of removing, there may be some pain due to the imprecision of the tool. In addition, the time of hair removal is very short, about half an hour or so, the hair removed to replace the joint, can also be reused. When disassembling, the barber should be careful not to cut the rope that binds the hair, otherwise it cannot be reused.

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