Solar panels on shared bikes?

What is a shared bike? Bike-sharing makes it economical and convenient for people to use bicycles for short trips. Simply check the bike at the nearest kiosk and ride to where you need to go. Bikes can be returned at any available station near your destination.

It was originally implemented by Mobike, which wanted to give users access to their bikes when they were not easily accessible. By combining innovation with today's Internet of Things technology, the company offers bike-sharing services for short urban trips -- anywhere, anytime to any legal parking destination. Mobike offers an affordable, shared means of transportation for easy short city trips, while reducing congestion and the city's carbon footprint. They require that each e-bike be equipped with a GPS locator, which makes it easier for users to find a suitable parking spot on an electronic map, but it is usually connected to a solar panel or a solar dc cable to make it easier to charge the GPS locator.

d50dc152fa066f5cab757e865e5e695aNow there is another form of shared e-bike that is optimized from the beginning. An e-bike is a bicycle with an electric motor and a battery (usually a lithium-ion battery) that provides pedal assistance while riding. E-bikes are especially good for steep roads and make it easy to ride long distances. Not only meet people's requirements for a convenient life, but also achieve the conditions for people to exercise.

So it uses solar-powered bicycle charging stations. First, use solar charging stations to make the bike-sharing system zero-carbonized. Second, solar charging stations that are completely off-grid can be deployed as standalone sites. This is only a small number of places, but the tricky thing is how do you figure out how to size the solar panels, what is the right size, because solar power is only generated outdoors during the day when there is sunlight.​

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