The mother's mouth determines the height of the child's life

Hu Shi once wrote in My Mother:

"My mother is generous and good-natured, the kindest and gentlest of people, and never has a hurtful word to say."

But in reality, how many mothers, for fear of more a few words of children will be on the day, for fear of playing less once out of the family son.

"They have never been good parents, but they are always asking us to be good children." ​Tian, 25, vented her frustration in her moments.

"I'd rather have a dog than you. A dog knows how to wag its tail." This is what Sweet's mother always said to her.

Sweet has never been able to get her to change her mother's way of talking, which is her biggest problem 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài.

Sweet tried to be gentle, tried to please, tried to act like a spoiled woman, tried to fierce, tried to buy things for her mother. But the only way a mother can talk to her is if she wants to.

​Tian did not like the way her mother talked, but Tian felt that she was becoming more and more like her mother.

Mother occasionally swear words, occasionally roar, sweet are imperceptibly absorbed learning and internalized.

All these things are presented in sweet speech acts, so when sweet is communicating with her mother, they often can't communicate well and calmly.

713bc056ff7288c4dca06df3b76ed0b4They often fight about the smallest things.

"When I grow up, I become you."

It's like a curse.

​Sweet, in fact, does not like herself. The saddest thing is that children can never convince their parents.

Even if the parents have been used to using a terrible face to the child, the child will never be able to say no.

To them, praising a child is a sign of too much pampering; ​righteous criticism, even beating and scolding is the right direction for parenting.

When children grow up, they can distinguish between right and wrong and live independently from their parents. However, the habits of self-abasement, timidity and self-denial that go deep into their bones will accompany them all their lives.

In order not to let the same situation happen in the next generation of children, children also need to spend a lot of time and energy to reassure their inner self, give it courage, give it confidence.

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