Home schooling: 10 “One minutes” are extremely important

People must accept three kinds of education in this life, namely family education, school education and social education. The most important thing for a child is the beginning of life, which is called family education. In order to educate children correctly, parents must have correct parenting concepts, grasp appropriate educational methods, and make reasonable use of all educational resources.

At home, parents often have different opinions on children’s education, which requires timely communication and agreement between parents and parents. Only when standards are consistent, children will have no choice and know what they should do is right 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài.

10 a minute:
One minute contact

Parents should pay attention to touching the child’s head, shoulders, holding the child’s hand, through contact to pass parents and children’s affection, convey to the child love and strength.

Listen for a minute

Don’t always let the child listen, parents can change an angel, listen to the child’s voice, into the child’s mind world. When listening to your child, be focused, refreshed, and kind.

One Minute Game

Clumsy children find pleasure in games, clever children learn in games, and outstanding children gain wisdom in games. The game can enhance the parents and the child’s emotions, improve the child’s interest in life, adjust the child’s mental state. The games parents take their children to play must be healthy, active and fun.

de107801c364e53226dd532a0cffc81bOne minute correction

When the child has the fault, the parents must clearly point out the correct behavior should be how, the wrong behavior will bring what kind of harm, correct the child’s wrong behavior, can not be allowed to develop.

But in the face of children’s mistakes, parents should first make clear whether it is caused by subjective factors or non-subjective factors, and how serious it is. Correction should pay attention to the occasion, the language should be gentle, the attitude should be gentle, not eager to succeed.

One minute incentive

Motivation can make people always full of confidence. Parents should have patience and perseverance, stimulate the child’s life, learn interest, stimulate the child’s self-confidence, and constantly promote the development of children.

A minute of praise

The child’s body always has its unique advantages, as parents should pay attention to finding the child’s life, study in excellent performance, seize the best opportunity, praise. In the process of praise, pay attention to the manner, place, tone, timing, degree and so on.

In the book Water Knows the Answer, there is an experiment where you speak different words into water, and then put them in an environment of -70 degrees, and they form different shapes, such as beauty and beauty, depending on the words you say. You might think this is a wonderful experiment, but children are just as wonderful as this experiment. Encouragement and appreciation are the best way to give them the confidence and guidance they need to take strides on the road to growth!

One Minute Participation

In a family, parents should respect the dominant position of children, understand their opinions, let children participate in the management of family affairs, and form consensus as much as possible, which will be conducive to the formation of a good family atmosphere. In the process of children’s participation, respect and guidance should be combined, not everything is obedient to the children.

One minute punishment

There will also be a lot of parents who have the opposite situation, give children too much “praise” and “affirmation”, let the original good encouragement metamorphic, let the children gradually become self-righteous, arrogant, resulting in them hearing any good advice or good criticism, knowing that they are always right. Therefore, at the right time to give children appropriate appreciation and affirmation, it will cultivate children’s confident and self-reliant good character.

If a child has a very serious mistake, he or she must be disciplined, otherwise he or she may go down the wrong path. Therefore, parents should show their attitude, point out the nature of the mistake, order it to correct the mistake, but can never hurt the child, to avoid the generation of opposition.

One minute of love

Parents should let their children know: you are the most loved person of parents, even when you have serious problems, parents to discipline you, but also parents are fulfilling the responsibility of love. Parents must have certain skills to show their love to their children.

One Minute Expectation

Parents should let their children know what they want from them. For example, parents can talk to their children about their own journey of growing up at the right time and let them know that they don’t want their children to suffer the same setbacks. You can talk about your dreams with your children. But parents’ expectations for their children should be rational and realistic.

The great woman Soong Ching Ling once said, “Children’s character and ability are ultimately influenced most by their families, parents, and especially their mothers.” When children grow up, society is the environment to exercise them, and school education will play a crucial role in their life. But it is always in a person to see how his family education is, which is the decisive impact of family education on children’s lives.

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