Laser cutting when slag how to solve?

Compared with the traditional cutting method, the laser cutting machine is faster and more accurate. But there is a hanging slag on the workpiece when cutting. What is the reason?

In Metal Laser Cutting Service to customers, cutting hanging slag, first from the following points to find out the reasons:

1. Cutting speed is too fast or too slow

Laser cutting feed speed is too fast, the workpiece can not be cut off in time, cutting surface will form twill, the lower half will appear hanging slag. If the feed speed is too slow, there will be over-melting, the overall cutting surface is rough, the slit becomes wider, and the upper part has a hanging slag phenomenon.

b5a6a71192af3f920c3ce68ef46621e12. The output power of the laser is not enough.​

When cutting thick plates, the power is not enough to melt the whole plate. If the power can be adjusted, you can increase the power to continue to test whether it can be cut off. If the power is set to the maximum, replace the laser with a higher power one.

3. The auxiliary gas pressure is not enough

The auxiliary gas can blow away the cutting slag and cool the cutting heat in the affected zone. If the air pressure is too small, the residue will not be blown out of the work piece or the workpiece can not be cooled in time, resulting in the formation of slag. The pressure needs to be adjusted to the right level.

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