Soprano Hehui took part in the Shanghai Summer Music Festival to feel the beauty of human voice

On the evening of July 26, "A Night of Friendship -- Zhang Jiemin, He Hui and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra", as one of the major performances of the 13th Shanghai Summer Music Festival (MISA), was performed at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall.

He Hui is at the performance
Soprano Hwa-ho is a regular performer at summer festivals such as the Verona Opera Festival and the Puccini Opera Festival in Italy. She was invited to the Verona Opera Festival for 16 consecutive years to sing Aida in front of 20,000 people in the outdoor amphitheater converted into the Colosseum.

This summer, Hwa-hye returned from Italy to perform on MISA for the first time. As the only Chinese singer to have been invited to perform in six of the world's top opera houses at the same time, Hehui has been challenging herself throughout her more than 20-year opera career. Next February, she will star in "The Wandering Dutchman" in Shanghai, which will be her first full performance of Wagner's play.

In 1998, He Hui's first opera was a production of Aida at the Shanghai Grand Theatre, with Zhang Jiemin as assistant conductor. "We have seen each other at the beginning, and now we are together on stage because of music. This concert will be our first official collaboration in 24 years." And Hui said when accepting a reporter to interview, she and Zhang Jiemin in the style of Italian opera and Wagner opera grasp, cooperate very tacit understanding.

In order to participate in this performance, Hehui started to return to China in late June. Unexpectedly, MISA has experienced many twists and turns due to the epidemic this year, and has experienced a process from offline to online and then to offline. On the evening of July 26, the concert hall finally welcomed a live audience, despite strict adherence to the 50% attendance rule.

"Emotions are like a roller coaster." "At the end of the day, I was very lucky," Hehui said. "The immediate interaction and communication of the live audience is very important for the performers, and the audience can only feel the subtle changes of the voice when they are in the scene."

In fact, many music fans cherish the opportunity to attend a live concert in the first place, even though they have to go through the hassle of buying tickets, canceling tickets, refunding tickets and repurchasing tickets. "Because music is supposed to heal people." Huang Qi, a Courier working in China Post EMS, told reporters.

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"Love Cafe" activity scene
During this year's MISA, the organizing committee and Shanghai Pharma jointly launched a "Love Cafe" event. All citizens who have contributed to the operation of Shanghai during the epidemic, such as medical staff involved in the anti-epidemic work, production staff of various industries, support shelters and community volunteers, can receive free coffee at the site. The organizer said, "You are dedicated to Shanghai, I will give you a cup of coffee city temperature."

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