What are semi trailers and full trailers

The vehicle whose total weight of the trailer is all borne by itself is called a full trailer, and the vehicle whose part of the total weight of the trailer is borne by the tractor is called a semi-trailer. Let's check with Semi Trailer Manufacturers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of trailer and semitrailer?

1. Semi-trailer

Advantages: The advantages of semi-trailer are high stability, speed is relatively quick, and it is worth mentioning that the car load of semi-trailer is relatively large. This advantage, some of this advantage, as long as the slightly larger goods can be pulled by semi-trailer, the whole trailer, because of the limited length, can not be pulled.

e4a3a9957009f54b6c152cf4e13d9bf4Cons: The downside is that the turning radius is overly large. The distance from the front of the trailer to the wheels of the trailer is overly tall, therefore the semi-trailer has relatively high requirements for road conditions. So if you want to use the semi trailer to pull the goods, to observe the road conditions in advance, in line with the words, you can continue to drive.

2. Full trailer

Advantages: Full trailer will be more flexible, at the same time, the car will be a bit smaller turning radius, which is exactly the opposite of semi-trailer.

Disadvantages: Full trailer for the driver's technical requirements are extremely steep, if the driver's technical requirements are not up to the requirements, is not able to drive the full trailer. ‚ÄčThe stability of the whole trailer is relatively poor, which is not as excellent as the semi trailer.

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